What’s Left to Do

Yesterday my Facebook status read: The only thing left to do today is celebrate. I’ll celebrate being here, having hope and creating ways to live to the fullest. That’s all there is left to do today.

I wrote it on a day that was extra difficult, but I was serious about celebrating what is left. Pain in my life is debilitating, it takes up a good 90% of my life right now but the other 10% is there. There are things left to be grateful for, to be happy about, to look forward to. I have friends. I have support. I have spirituality. I have art. I have a nice home, good food and goals. There are things to celebrate, so despite it being a trying day I wanted to remember the things that keep me alive and give me reason to keep searching for what is good and upright.


3 thoughts on “What’s Left to Do

  1. Sherri

    Celebrating the good things is a wonderful thing… although it can be hard to do sometimes… I’m glad you are getting settled in and I’m really hoping that being in a new place with less pedophile stress, well, I’m hoping that less stress will help settle the lupus and fibro.

    We can hope right?

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