Art Before and After the Move

I think it’s safe to say there’s some anxiety about the move and about being here. I’m almost totally unpacked but I’m not settled in. The funny thing is, I sleep just fine. I don’t feel unsafe or worried about closing my eyes. I guess my anxiety is general about being in a new place. Soon I should walk around and look at the grounds to give myself a better picture of the area.

While packing I knew I wanted to be able to paint but I let myself simply put color on paper without worrying if the piece was good or not. I didn’t need to create a masterpiece, I just needed to put paint on paper. What I noticed is as the move got closer the art become more complex, more agitated. After the move it went off the chain with anxiety. Before the move I used wet acrylic paint, after the move I used primarily crayon and white paint.

As time goes on I’ll be more acclimated, more comfortable and less anxious. Getting my art table together is a must so I can start to throw paint around again.



One thought on “Art Before and After the Move

  1. Sherri

    I really like them all but I think my favorite is Duck… the circles are amazing, and the colors.

    Moving is very stressful. I hate moving. But I love the idea of moving.. the idea of starting fresh. It always takes me about a month before I start feeling comfortable and home. Hopefully it won’t take you that long…

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