Accomplished Today

…….well, it was technically yesterday……..

I had a visit from my CNA who was very helpful. I don’t think she feels as if she’s done much but the help received is much appreciated. I plan before she gets here to have a load of laundry already in the wash so that when she gets here she can put it in the dryer and put another in the wash. By the time she’s ready to leave she can put the second in the dryer which I will retrieve later. This means I get clean clothing on a regular basis. To her it’s very little, to me it means a whole lot.

Progresso Three Bean Chili With Beef SoupWhile she was here I got a meal in. I had Progresso soup which I’ve really come to like. Why is it I can’t find the Three Bean Chili with Beef Soup here in Indy anymore? I love that stuff. I’ve looked everywhere for it, K-Mart, Wal-mart, Marsh, Kroger. I guess it was just a seasonal thing here. I hate that too because that soup was great. Anyway though, I had the Minestrone which I wasn’t that crazy about but I did at least get a meal in me while she was here so yeah, we accomplished quite a bit. I took meds, got laundry done and got in a meal.

After she left I took out the trash and came back in and took a nap. I slept until 8pm. So, so tired. I woke up long enough to take meds and go back to sleep. I woke at 10pm when the phone rang. I took more meds, ate another meal and watched Play Misty for Me. I’d not seen it before. Pretty decent movie. I also had homemade caramel corn and a bowl of ice cream. It is after all Friday which means I get to celebrate not having any staff here for the entire week end and Monday. It’s all my house for a few days.

My room is coming together nicely. Getting the laundry done and hung up has helped it feel less cluttered and unorganized.

Yesterday after my walk I came home to find a message on the door saying management would be here for a property check. I wondered what that meant. I guess they do that yearly to make sure everything works correctly. I was surprised by it because I just moved in. When I told my CNA about the surprise her response was, “Good thing your house is clean.” I wanted to drop my jaw. I swear I don’t expect to hear it from anyone because to me it doesn’t feel clean or look clean. I have to depend on others for that bit of reality. It’s good to know they don’t think I’m nasty and that they just say stuff like that automatically. She wasn’t trying to be nice, it was said with truth in her voice. It always shocks me when people say stuff like that because to me its dirty, I’m dirty and I figure everyone can see it.

I hope they get on the ball with making sure I get a home health attendant or care person who is long term and who can come here more than once per week. My CNA comes here for just one hour a week. It would be nice to have someone here a few times a week. That was something the company was to work on and set up for me. I wish it could be this girl but I know that won’t be the case. I have to figure out nicknames for my staff. Everyone has nicknames on the blog. The nurse has a standard one. Even if she’s nice she’s always called Nurse Ratched. I should have named the PT a long time ago. He won’t be here that much longer so its pointless to give him a name now. I’ll have to come up with a name for my CNA but I need to know her a little better before I do that.

It’s time for the cat and I to return to bed.


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