The Immature Aquarist

The 60 gallon tank that had the broken seal has been fixed. It holds water now and is ready for life to go in it. I’m going to put the frogs back in there and set up the 60 long with driftwood and schooling fish. This means my Texas friend has to get on the ball and send me my driftwood. :-)

three beauties

I had to re-home my 7 inch goldfish as well as two 5 inch goldfish before I moved because I knew I wasn’t going to be able to set up the tank for them anytime soon. I knew my emotional and physical strength wouldn’t be up to getting their tank set up correctly and in a timely fashion. I also re-homed the rainbowfish and slew of other fish. All fish were re-homed except the bettas and of course the frogs. Well, the other day I was on Craigslist and saw the 3 goldfish being sold with a group of other fish for $150.00. The rainbows were to a different person who I hope is caring for them well.  I wrote to the person with the $150 price tag and asked for the 7 inch goldfish to be returned, but she refused. When I originally spoke to her she sounded so real, so passionate about the fish. She even came with extra large containers which gave the fish plenty of space and oxygen for the travel. I was so pleased and felt so good about their new home. Boy was I shocked and saddened to see them a month later being sold.

I was upset that day and am still a bit hurt. I’d at least like that 7 inch goldfish back. You take a huge risk when you re-home an animal, a pet to anyone. This time it turned out badly. It’s sad that she is too immature to understand or to get it. I get it because I was like her when I was younger. How can I judge her so terribly when I easily gave up animals when I was younger? I matured, a bit. I have a better understanding of the importance of keeping and caring for a life that I have taken on as my responsibility.

How many dogs and cats did I go through at her age? Countless. How many fish did I go through before I finally figured out that goldfish are my first love? Countless. It took awhile to gain any level of maturity. Angry though I am about these fish being sold this way, I get it. I get the immaturity of youth and the inability to understand the value of the smallest life. Maybe when she’s in her 40’s and blogging in the middle of the night to an audience of 3 , she’ll look back and go, I remember the mistakes I made and the strides I’ve made in fish keeping. Perhaps she’ll find true appreciation for this craft. Soon, I hope.

There aren’t that many female aquarists online or that I know personally which is one of the main reasons I gave them to her for free. She spoke passionately and convincingly. Perhaps her passion will turn into maturity and one day she’ll be an outstanding aquarist.

My goal for the 60 long is one that will take several stages. I look forward to seeing my vision for it become a reality. My new landlord said her husband loves fish and would probably really enjoy seeing my tanks. I was pleased to hear it.

Just a note – Most pet stores who take on a goldfish that has been brought in to them because it got too big for a tank will sell for only $5.00. A 12 inch pleco and larger will sell for $20.00 in the most expensive pet stores.

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