You’re a Strange Boy Mikey Mouse

under the bush This boy is odd but he’s sweet. I’m used to big dogs not tiny little mice, but I’m getting the hang of it. I thought for a second I might need a Little Dog Support Group but it seems I’m able to manage the huge differences in behavior and energy levels.

I’ve never in my life had a dog who slept on the night stand. The first time I saw him on the nightstand I was alarmed. I’m not sure why but I was like, what on earth?!!!! I’m not quite used to it yet but at least I’m not completely blown away that my dog sits on the nightstand and looks at me just like a cat. Oh me! 

Then of course there’s walking the boy to let him do his business. It seems he has to go UNDER the bush to use the restroom. I all but have to do a boot camp belly crawl to collect his bombs. He will even put one leg on a tree and poop. Oh my lord I don’t know what to think of this boy sometimes.

Today Mikey and I went to the park and watched some boys fly a kite. It was hot and he needed shade so he sat under my knees. I loved it! We sat there together and watched the kite. The park was full again. There were people playing volley ball, touch football and baseball. There were two family picnics going on and people playing basketball. I noticed the number of different nationalities and thought to myself, there is no majority, not one with more than the other, we are truly equal here. There were Latins, blacks, whites and Middle Easterners enjoying the park all at one time. There was food and laughter and children playing. There were dogs, traditional garb and huge, beautiful, colorful kites being flown. It was a little tiny taste of what world peace could be like.

Walking him has been very helpful. I walk with him when I’m in a lot of pain or when I’m anxious and need to run.

The other night I was in bed with my eyes closed petting his head and for just a second I forgot it wasn’t Captain Crunch beside me. It made me sad for just a little bit then pleased to have a good dog curled up next to me. Mikey is a really good dog. He’s got just the right amount of energy, is very trainable and has learned boundaries very quickly. He’s a good, good boy. Other than the fact that he’s trying to hump the cat, I have no complaints about him. He’s got to get fixed and soon, before Mary Jane fixes him for me.

Here’s is a photo of my M&M’s…… Mary Jane and Mikey Mouse. Mary Jane is 8, Mikey Mouse is about three years old.

Sunday Morning Love


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