Missed Doses of Medication – How does that happen?

I came home from therapy today around 4:30 then went to bed 5:30. I woke at 11:30. The travel time to and from therapy is a killer, but so is the session itself. Dr. D is going on vacation which is a vacation for my body. It takes a lot of effort to leave the house, it takes a lot of will power to sit for an hour. Sitting is the worst for me. It hurts so bad! I sit all the way to therapy, sit during therapy then sit all the way back home. It’s close to 3 hours of sitting. My Lord, someone shoot me. So I came home, vaped and went to sleep. Because I went to sleep for so long I missed two doses of medication. I decided to take a dose upon waking and stay up at least another 4 hours so I can take one more dose. Out of four doses I”ll have only missed one today.

Westclox Atomic Clock

Several days in a row my home has been rearranged. The underclothes drawer is where the sock drawer should be. The tea pot is bone dry. Where have I been? How much time have I missed? Last week I missed 4 doses of medication out of twenty eight. The week before that I missed 9 doses. Not once were morning meds missed. Nurse Ratchet was smart in putting the most critical meds in the morning slot. Those get taken without fail.

Sometimes meds don’t get taken because I don’t know what day it is. One would think I would just look at the computer and see the date and time but for some reason it never occurs to me to do it. I swear I’m getting one of those things Fife has. He’s got a digital clock that shows day, time and temp. This will be something I purchase, hopefully this week end.

Okay well, I don’t have anything else to say.

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