The Longest Day in History

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I’m sure there have been longer days but man, today was emotional as well as long and drawn out. My CNA was fired. This is the girl I called Blue Rush. At first things were kind of rocky but I was happy that I wasn’t too triggered by her. Sometimes she’d tell me she didn’t want to perform the task asked of her and that she’d prefer to do something else. I was assertive and got what I needed done. It became apparent very quickly that this girl was not going to be a keeper.

For weeks this girl came here on the verge of being fired but I kept her for the same reason other patients keep poor care providers. It’s hard to report. There’s a certain fear and dread about calling their supervisor and saying, ‘this isn’t working’. The dread and fear is 1) we won’t be believe. We may be seen as a hard patient to work with while the employee is in the clear 2) intimidation. It is difficult to call in and report a problem with a person who knows where you live. How do I know what their reaction will be?Are they just going to go away or are they crazy?  Very Gay Red Flags,   Boil the Bunny. The Psych Nurse Has Been Fired. 3) TIME. It’ll take time to get a new person in here which means I will be without a CNA for two weeks or longer. 4) fear of change. I wanted it to work out, needed it to work out so a lot was over looked and taken. Today was it though. Enough is enough!

I lucked out with both nurses and the physical therapist. They’re really good and professional as well as friendly, and have not crossed any boundaries. I’m completely comfortable with them, enough that I joke about blackmailing them. One nurse wants an upgrade to her name but I told her it would cost her 65 cents for that upgrade. Each time its not paid it goes up a nickle. This isn’t paid just once but every time the name is used on the blog she has to pay 65 cents. I still don’t have my change and she’s still Nurse Ratchet the Third.

My new doctor, the one I appropriately call Dr. Jekyll, is a good doctor but crazy as a loon. She’ll be just fine then like out of nowhere comes the most ???? statement. She’s a Debby Downer. I’ll use fake examples.  I could say something like, I really enjoy oranges and she’s got a trauma story about oranges where a beloved friend died. I could say, Twinkies are the best ever and she’d go into some trauma story about how one of her favorite aunts choked and died on a Ho-Ho.  It’s that intense type of trauma story that comes out of nowhere and you don’t know what to do with it. Sometimes she’s funny though. She calls my big white frog Jezebel because she’s pregnant again. We jokingly say she’s a ho because during this season the girl stays knocked up. So when the doc gets here she’s like, “How’s the ho? That Jezebel!” To me that is funny!!!!! and not offensive in any way. She has a good sense of humor and I like our discussions about the Bible, BUT its like her light goes out and Mr. Hyde shows up. She’s a keeper though, quirks and all, she’s a keeper.

I said the Third Time’s a Charm, and it is. I like my staff and am comfortable with them, it’s just the CNA didn’t work out. I”ll get another one soon and hopefully we can work together in the same funny, quirky, professional manner as everyone else. I can’t express how much I appreciate the staff that I have. They are very special to me and I’m fortunate to have them. Even though I didn’t get my 65 cents for a name upgrade and even though I’m being treated by Dr. Jekyll, I am completely satisfied with this company. My health is poor, my blood is unstable but the staff is stable, consistent and positive for my health. Despite needing to fire the CNA I’m still happy with the individuals that come to my home.


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