Enhanced Days – the best of both worlds

My friend Betty came by for about 20 min with a bag of my laundry. I could see this 66 year old woman just a smiling in the peep hole. When I opened the door she handed me two fof my favoritest donuts in the world: raspberry jelly donuts from Dunkin Donuts. I gobbled them down as she laughed about the socks. There were about 25 pairs of with all sorts of patterns on them. Pink polka dots, black stripes, neon tribal patterns, purple argyle, pink argyle and several different kinds of tie dye socks. She said she’s never seen it before but she got a kick out of all the different patterns. 

While Betty was here her sister called me. I let Betty answer the phone and pretend that her sister accidentally called Betty instead of me. We got her good, but let her in on our play. She was like, you guys are trying to make me crazy.

I had a short visit from the Munckin clan which I always enjoy. They were here for only about 10 min. Nothing overwhelming but enough to make my heart smile. Little kids running to the tanks to see the tiny froglets is awesome. The smallest one, the baby in arms, is fascinated by the big goldfish.

I ended the evening by painting just a few lines.

So, what made Monday different from the same grind? There were a lot more smiles.

Tuesday was going to be a long hard day because of physical therapy but it turns out I slept through most of the work she was doing on my back. I was exhausted so I just laid there and ended up sleeping. Earlier that morning, about 7am, Mikey and I took a walk together to the park. There are some wonderful trees there with roots that are so magnificently artistic that I’m moved every time I see them. The bark of each one of those trees is different, some of the roots are bright orange, they wind in a circle on one tree and stretch out like arms on another. I love early morning walks because of the solitude. I do truly thrive in solitude but I’ve found it nice to have close friends that I see on a regular basis. I get my solitude and I get to be part of something. It’s the best of both worlds.


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