Wednesday Enhanced

The Wildflower came today and was here for a longer time and usual. I appreciated her today as always but even more so today. I really like her as a person. She’s got a gentleness to her that touches people in a way that they won’t forget her once meeting her. The Wildflower is formerly Supervisor Ratchet. I no longer have to call her that because she doesn’t take my blood. There’s no pain involved in their visits so there is no need to call them Nurse Ratchet. Well, I’ll take that back. Nurse Ratchet the third still needs to pay 65 cents in order for her name to change. That’s just the way it is. :-)

So anyway, as usual, there was high pain, there was panic, the need to trust someone to help me control it. I went to therapy to see Dr. D. The pain was incredible and I just cried and cried. Today could have been the same as every other day with a chronic illness except for when I walked Mikey one last time, we caught sight of an orange lantern balloon flying overhead. It was peaceful. There we were in the black of the night, and out of nowhere floats an orange balloon with a small flame carrying it across the sky. Mikey and I walked more and there again a second and final orange lantern balloon flew right over head.

When I think of orange balloon lanterns I think of freeing oneself of a burden, of releasing some stressor that once held you captive. I think of grief being expressed but released and I think of peace. What a nice way to enhance an otherwise ordinary day with a chronic illness.


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