Bad PC

This PC is on it’s way out. If anyone that has my number is able to call and perhaps assist with the issues please call.

Windows VISTA. Yeah, that one.

The PC is saying I have low disk space in my recovery D. I go to clean D and it says there’s nothing to clean. I’ve got less than 1% free on my D drive but 95% free on my C drive. I am not able to clean the D drive with the instructions given on the PC. I even did a defrag of it but got nowhere. I cleaned restore points and such, nothing. I have no idea how to clean it at this point. At this point I don’t have any of my programs or photos on here yet it says D Recovery is full.

Internet: When I try to get on the net I can only go to certain pages. I can go to google then get to my blog. I can go to google then get to a few other sites but not many. I type on an address and it takes all day then shows me a message saying this web page is not available. It’s got some sort of crazy looking robot square thing on the message.Someone did a poor job of drawing that. LOL  :-) Yes, I criticize art now. LOL

I backed up everything on my flashdrive sticks thingies so I haven’t lost any info. I did a system restore to factory settings but it won’t allow me on the net half the time.

I don’t know how to get my ipod to work. I did a back up on the pc of the ipod but I don’t know what to do from there.

I may, may ??? be able to access email ???? if the pc lets me. If you email me to explain something please remember that links wont’ do me any good seeing as how my PC is temperamental about loading pages.

2 thoughts on “Bad PC

  1. Patchesmany

    Did the computer come with a disk to reinstall windows? If so you can after you are sure you have flmmcopies of whatever you want from it. Insert the disk. Turn the computer off. Then turn it on and foot the instructions.

    Sounds like you have your hard drive partitioned.

  2. Austin Post author

    I’m also getting a DNS error. Cannot connect with primary DNS Server

    I’ve got the disks from my other HP but this one I purchased second hand. I got this PC a year ago from the pawn shop. It’s the horrible Vista. The disks I have are for my old Windows XP.
    I’ve even gone back to the original settings but that hasn’t helped either.

    I’m going to call Brighthouse tomorrow. They’re my internet providers. I should call them Stupidhouse. Those people say I have to have their modem for services then charge me $3.50 a month for that modem. Don’t get me started on IdiotHome, EmptyTrailer, etc, etc. Those idiots are a house with no rooms. They get on my last nerve and I save that one for myself. Yes, I get on my own nerves but that’s a whole different story. Let me click send before this computer decides to stop. Then I won’t look so bright in my house.


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