Hot Chocolate

No, not hot chocolate, gourmet hot chocolate.

To the person who sent me a 6 can CASE of gourmet hot chocolate, thank you. OMG that stuff is awesome.  I had boiled water on the stove, I’m a tea drinker as you know. Let me back up, I wasn’t expecting a package at all so I opened it right there with the delivery guy. When I saw I had hot chocolate I told the delivery guy, wait here. I came back with the boiled water and two small foam cups. He protested but stood there saying, You’re going to get me fired. He kept standing there protesting as I made his cup right there at the door. He saw me make it right there. He said, Oh my gosh that is good. I was like, I know, right. He said again, I gotta go, you’re gonna get me fired. He said this was the best door he’d been to all day. :-)

My friend Snow and I have enjoyed the hot chocolate, too. I hope Sparkle and her family enjoyed it, too. I comped 2 cans in all, that’s as far as my generosity goes.

Who can’t appreciate a years worth of gourmet hot chocolate? I wasn’t expecting it at all. Good stuff yall, good stuff. Sorry to rub it in this way. LOL

So, here’s what I’ve done with it.

  1. I’ve added dry Coffee Mate to make it very, very creamy.
  2. Peppermint candies ( I drool as I say it. )
  3. Hazelnut International Coffee
  4. A few drops of chocolate liqueur with a few drops of cinnamon liqueur
  5. Butterscotch candies
  6. A mix of nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves
  7. Bailey’s Irish Cream non-alcoholic coffee creamer

I have to ask myself why I’m blogging when I’ve got hot chocolate in the kitchen. I’ve also got a CNA on the way and Betty coming after her. They must have hot chocolate, too. And when my nurse Ratchet gets here Wednesday afternoon she must have hot chocolate. Dr. Jekyll will be tempted as well. Everybody gets a cup but as for the rest of the cans, nope, no more whole cans as gifts. Now we start going to individual cups so that I can enjoy it with a whole bunch of people. It’s so much fun, it really is. I’ve got a good memories jar where moments like these can be written on a piece of paper and added to the jar so that I can pull out a piece of paper on a bad day and remember that there was and will be good again. My good memories jar is a ceramic black lacquer Gevalia Kaffe canister with a gold hinge. Goodwill and $2.00 gave me a treasure chest with exceptional coffee written in gold letters on the outside. It’s perfect!

Thank you to the person who sent a box of moments to be shared with good friends, nursing staff and the delivery guy.


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