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She Listens to His Voice is No2 in the Renewed Series which has three paintings. The painting is 5 x7 on mulberry paper.

The painting shows a young black child with two pony tails standing still in a field of flowers. She appears tired yet there is an air of hope about her. The young child has one ear is tilted up towards the sky. Musical notes and one large pink butterfly dance around her and the pink and purple flowers. Her white, gold and red dress is accented with a small pink butterfly. Across the cheeks of the little folk girl you can see a butterfly rash, this is especially evident when viewed in person.

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Wendy is a hand painted, handmade plastic bag holder doll wearing a vintage, hand embroidered shawl with a lady bug button. When the shawl is removed you can see a little red heart button on the dress. Her red, gray and white checkered dress is 28 inches long and has gold trim.
Wendy has soft lips that smile just a little bit. Her eyes are bright and beautiful with a tiny bit of blue above them. Her hair is soft black yarn and held in pony tails with ribbons the same color as her dress. The other photos show a close up of her display loop as well as a pink flower near the bottom of her dress.

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I had a day of depression and anxiety so I picked up the phone and called a friend. I tearfully explained how I was feeling about my situation with Lupus and Fibromyalgia. In friendship she read to me a scripture from the Bible about how I may be wasting away on the outside but I am being renewed by the spirit from day to day. Her expressions of support were worth their weight in gold.

Several days later I began to sketch and paint the scripture in my art therapy sketchbook. The two pieces became the first in a series that will follow called "Renewed". ...continue reading "Renewed from day to day – No1"

May Bell  Sunflower African American Folk Art DollI stopped calling May Bell a rag doll because she has so much character that she falls more into the art doll category. This isn't my usual type of doll but I have to admit, I enjoyed making her.

May Bell is a beautifully elegant art doll who is handmade and hand painted. She stands approximately 8 inches with a rust and gold flowering dress that falls at 12 inches. May Bell's hair is up in buns on both sides of her head, twisted perfectly and able to hold ribbons or flowers if desired. Her accenting Anne Klein II sunflower brooch is removable and can be placed where desired.

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Ophelia Rose- African American Rag DollOphelia Rose is an 18 inch doll with big, brown eyes and soft pink lips. Her hair is long and black. When sitting by a fan it whisks across her face lightly. She's hand painted solid black but has gold and turquoise facial details. She's got long eye lashes and a cute little nose.
All facial features were painted on after the initial painting of the cotton fabric.

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'Love Bianca Bunches' is a handmade and hand painted rag doll that stands 9 inches tall and is wearing a red striped dress with a green checked scarf. Her scarf has a tiny button on it. Bianca has big brown eyes with long black eye lashes with gold star dust above them. She has dimples on her rosy cheeks. Her lips are painted soft pink. Your little one comes with lavender that I dried myself.

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'Lily with Lavender' is a handmade African-American primitive rag doll shelf sitter. She stands about 9 inches tall and is wearing a hand sewn dress. The dress is made of a vintage handkerchief that I stained with spots of soft blue and hints of rose. The hand painted doll has super soft yarn hair, big brown eyes and soft pink lips. She also has the sweetest dimples ever.

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A New Woman by F. Magdalene Austin *** SOLD *** **SOLD ** I began tearing the wall paper remnants from an old craft table when I thought, this would be fun to paint on, so I did. A New Woman is a romantic, abstract figurative painting with ethnic overtones. It is medium textured and has been painted on pulled, up-cycled wall paper. There are even tiny pieces of tape still stuck to 11 x 7  finished art piece.

The profile figure of a young woman stands in the midst of dripping paint, torn walls and gold. She is painted in turquoise and pink with flicks of color as accents.

What I enjoyed about doing this painting is putting all the tiny little drops, spills and smudges together to form something tangible. The wall paper was splattered with paint from various projects and stripped or cut from mounting other paintings. My new canvas had its own story and a full pallet before becoming A New Woman. ...continue reading "A New Woman Original Painting"


I had no idea there would be a series of paintings called PTSD but there is. . .

In PTSD No3 there's a river that flows from the sky right through the woman, past the eyes and forms the figures dress. The dress runs over the brick wall and simply stops. The paint on the brick wall has bits of stone mixed in making this piece multidimensional. I had to mix in a bit of stone with the sunflower painting because sunflowers in stone is significant to me. There are also tiny little details, layer upon layer of color and edge to edge movement which all comes together to form PTSD No3 Whisper.

Whisper can be purchased in my ETSY shop by clicking the link provided on the sidebar. If you do not have an ETSY account you may contact me to use PayPal.

Thank you for visiting SUNDRIP - Art for Life
Faith M. Austin

What would a volcano look like if lava flowed in color? I think it would look similar to the high texture painting called Explosion of Color. ...continue reading "Explosion of Color"

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