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Patience in the works

A few strokes here, a few strokes there and she'll be done. I've got so many projects going on at one time. I love it though. I like working on a bunch of pieces at one time because it lets me leave a piece and come back with clearer eyes.

I wasn't sure what to do with Patience so I sat it aside and worked on a few other projects. I've also been doing something I call freestyle where I simply put paint on paper for no reason other than to release tension. Here are a few of the freestyle art pieces that I've created recently. ...continue reading "Patience – in the works"

The art site is going to change a little bit. I'm going to talk openly about the process of the painting and the feelings associated with it. I'm not going to journal issues like I do on my personal blog, but I'm going to be a lot more open about the feelings associated with my paintings.

I was a bit worried about taking the art site to the next level. I worried about posting art that looks crazy, but ya know what? This art site is about healing from PTSD. Post Traumatic Stress disorder can make you feel crazy. It can be confusing and consume you. I use art so I'm not gulped up by the issues associated with trauma. So yes, there may be art that looks a bit 'mentally ill', full of chaos or even crazy, but that's fine. It's my truth in art.

...continue reading "Sundrip – where do we go from here?"

Stay - work in progress

I'm finding the new painting more emotionally taxing than I expected it to be. I decided to go ahead and photograph the steps so I can see it morph into its final state. The painting is called Stay. Dr. D and I talked about what it means. We talked about how the older woman (mother) has her hands around the daughter's shoulder and over her heart. The younger girl (daughter) has her hand on the mother's arm and one arm facing down. The daughter seems to pull back a little bit but she still holds on. Stay means too many things to count. Stay and be safe. Stay and be my mother. Stay and be my friend, be what I need you to be, just stay. The painting is harder than I thought it would be to complete, but complete it I will. And I'll photograph the creative journey. I like to see how the painting grows to completion.


Jenny has dreams too

Jenny has golden bangs and pony tails that flame with orange. Her blue stone cheek rests in her hand as she looks off into deeper blue. She was created by dripping paint and allowing it to run into the next color. There are large white areas that bump into cool blue, stark black and tiny flecks of red. This painting is fluid and morphing. It pinches in areas, opens up to gold in others and sits still as it is surrounded by dark. It is an emotive art piece of a little child resting her head on her hand. This is a Macabre painting of a stone child.

Art Title: Jenny
Art by. F. Magdalene Austin
Size: 6x4 inches on heavyweight paper, sketchbook art
Medium: Acrylic, ink,

...continue reading "Jenny has dreams too"

Gentle Peace- SOLDI started this painting off with tea stains that I then painted in. I placed my reusable tea bag on the paper and left it there a few minutes. I moved it around here and there to leave spots and images. Once I was satisfied with the shapes I began to bring out the young girl who sits on top of the world.

Art title: Gentle Peace SOLD
Art by. F. Magdalene Austin
Size: 9x6 inches on heavyweight paper, art journal piece
Medium: Acrylic, ink, Indian tea, Caylon black

...continue reading "Gentle Peace a tea bag painting"

EmersonArt Title: Emerson
Art by: Faith Magdalene Austin
Medium: Acrylic, ink, crackle medium, 24 x 17 inches on canvas sheet.

Painting details: Emerson is a maze of faces, lines, vortexes, wheels and color. It is a painting showing chaos with resolution.
The blue figure is shown with eyes closed but the figure is mindful. The face is like water, a bird sits to the side of the head with an eye like the sun and rays that flash under the bird down on the head of the figure.

This black figure to the far right of the painting attracts my attention when I look at the painting because she seems so powerful yet peaceful. She has life water flowing from her finger tips. That water flows down the side of the blue figure. In my opinion this figure is actually the main image in the painting. She's where it all starts.

The name Emerson means work, ruler, brave and powerful.

Purchase details: This painting is reserved for NR3. You may purchase this painting via PayPal by using the contact email address or by visiting my Etsy shop. Contact email address is on the sidebar as is my Etsy link.

Thank you for visiting SUNDRIP - Art for Life

Dust The dream I had was a terrible one. When I woke I felt sick inside. I lay there thinking of what my doctor said, you can change your dreams. He said if I don't like the way the dream ended then I can write out exactly how the dream happened then write how I want the dream to end. Instead of writing in dream therapy I decided to paint the new ending.

DREAM: In the dream there were children covered in dust and embedded in the cliffs of a winding mountain road. Boys and girls dressed in peasant sack cloth, hung in vertical lines. As if this were a normal sight, cars drove past, without a thought, spitting more and more dust until they one by one became stone.

NEW: Of course I cannot live with that dream. I'm not sure how I would have written a better dream, so I painted it. In this painting you see a dry canyon washed in white. There's a young woman of power with a white owl watching a young woman deeper in the canyon climb her way up. To assist the climb is a large hawk flying above her. He flies straight towards the sun. ...continue reading "The Sun Rises on Dust and Clay"

My Sisters Keeper - SOLD

I couldn't decide how to display the painting in this entry. There's so much to it that I worried I'd leave out an important detail. The reason I like this painting is because of the details. The children are the focus of the painting but each raindrop of color, each stream rains with importance to the whole of the painting. It was a very emotional piece to paint.

I wanted one child struggling and being lead but I wanted the leader to also show her weariness. Together they'd walk as sister's and friends holding on ... holding on. This is not about their suffering but their triumph. My Sister's Keeper is about partnership, friendship and dedication.   ...continue reading "My Sister’s Keeper"

I sometimes get stuck on a painting and put it up for a bit, then I take it out and hang it on the wall. I sometimes even frame the piece and look at it for awhile. There have been times I've passed a painting and thought, oh, I need a line here or oh, I should add this or that color, change this line, add extra texture here and there.

Stuck pieces

Putting the work away and out of my mind gives me a break from 'worrying' over it. Bringing it back out and taping it to the wall helps me see it in a new light and bring it to completion.  ...continue reading "Artist Thoughts: Waiting for new sight"


Young Girl fma

Title: That Young Girl
Art by: F. Magdalene Austin
6x8 canvas board, acrylic and ink painting, original SOLD

She's washed in color, draped in it. Her sad eyes look out at the viewer not for assistance but to offer it, to offer and explanation. This painting is in expression of life with Lupus and Fibromyalgia. ...continue reading "That Young Girl"

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