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This high texture piece was incredibly fun. I started off by treating watercolor paper by alternating between water sprays and white spray paint. I then painted the mountain with a gold tip. Before it was completely dry I pressed the entire painting against a dry sheet of paper. This press is how I was able to get an earthy texture. The last thing I did was add the rose in full bloom at the mountain's summit.

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This painting is from a dream I had yesterday evening. A man and I argued about how I'm the one who put a bolder in front of me and I'm the one who needs to move it.  There's a hint of the man up in the corner standing over two small figures.

watercolor on white poster board, 5 x 6 inches

What do you get when you mix a Christmas ornament, adobe clay and acrylic paints? You get three hand designed turquoise and bronze ornaments to decorate a hand strung hairpipe bone plant hanger.

The design is drip glaze style achieved by layering acrylics over adobe clay. The ornaments were allowed to air dry then a clear sealer was added. ...continue reading "Turquoise and Bronze Ornaments"


This doll has been hand stitched and has a dress which doubles as a bag holder for 'green conscious' individuals. Her hair is made of soft brown yarn and comes down long to her arms but is currently twisted up. All her accessories such as the 5 paper flowers and gold trim scarf can be removed for a new look.

With peachy soft skin, big green eyes and beautiful brown hair this plastic bag holder doll will surely bring a smile to your face. Her dress is a dark reddish brown and cream checkered pattern. She'll fit perfectly in a country or modern home.

The doll was hand stitched and her features were hand painted. The bag itself is a rescued item as are the flowers, buttons and ribbon for her scarf. ...continue reading "Handmade Rag Doll Plastic Bag Holder"


I love clay especially when I can hand form something. I don't have tools for clay work so I'm a bit limited. I still enjoy it but right now I'm uncertain how to proceed with this clay piece. I want to decrease the size of her nose and paint her either solid pearl or solid black. I'd like to give her a few more facial features as well. I guess what I'm concerned about is messing her up. I'm so new at this that I worry I'll just jack her up so I suppose for awhile she'll sit this way on my table.

This is a hand formed clay rectangle ornament with a single sunflower painted in oils. The ornament is about 4 inches by 2.5 inches with a half inch thickness making this solid and of a good weight. It has a stressed/aged feel and is accented with a light blue sky and green grass.

The ornaments are easier to make than they are to photograph.



I ran across some small ornaments that I thought might be fun to paint. The original ornament is made of glass but with an adobe clay overlay, acrylic paints and water proof seal I was able to come up with a whole new look. The clay overlay strengthens the ornament making it harder to break which I like because I'm a bit clumsy sometimes.

How to:

Basically what I did was paint on the clay then I let it dry. I  painted on a base color, let that dry then added various layers of partially transparent acrylics. This let the base color come through but in different shades. The final color added was to the very top which was allowed to drip down the sides . What I didn't do was spin the ornaments because that's a less controlled technique. I wanted the colors to blend in places but not to have a spun appearance. I think dipping helps control the paint and lets it drip down nicely. Of course when you dip you've got build up at the bottom so just take a small cloth (not a napkin) and dab the bottom so that you don't have that little drop of paint drying under the sphere. Once it's dry spray it with a seal and dab the bottom the same as you did with excess paint. Viola, there's your redesigned, up-cycled ornament.

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Now I think I'm done and not just because I used the last of the polymer clay either. I think I may have gotten all this out of me. The inspiration to press clay and paint it, it's all gone now. Here is Harvest No3 shown beside a blue and green vase as well as beside the log candle holder which started the whole creative process in the first place.

This particular piece has one single ready for harvest wheat stalk which springs from the setting sun.

. ..

I never know where inspiration will come from or where it's going to take me but I always enjoy the journey.


This and one other ornament can be seen in my Etsy shop. Please see my sidebar for the Etsy link. Thanks.


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