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At 7 inches small this little kitten with big baby blue eyes sits perfectly on top of books and dried flowers. She wears an oversized, removable pink ribbon and has tiny little gray whiskers. This little one is completely hand made, hand painted and is made of almost 100% recycled materials including her stuffing and the ribbon.  ...continue reading "Plush kitten with big baby blue eyes"

Lucid fmaSometimes a girl has to go Avante Garde and that's exactly what I did with this piece.

This painting called Lucid was created by using wet acrylics allowed to flow into each other to create a surreal, colorful yet shadowy, mysterious atmosphere. The blue face is part of the sky line and everything flows from her. From her head rises white clouds that crack and become mist that surrounds a shadowy black figure which is also her hair. The clouds flow over him, around and above him to form a bare white tree. The white tree and the shadowy figure stand on the a mix of yellow, green and blue earthly shoulders.

Lucid is a small painting at 4 inches by 4 inches. It was painted on textured card stock. ...continue reading "Lucid"

What I thought I might do on this blog is from time to time toss up an entry under "Artist's Thoughts." I'll do short entries about what goes through my mind when I'm painting, when I'm not painting and all sorts of things that I think in relation to art. The entries will be simple and to the point. I hope people will feel free to comment and throw in their two cents worth.
Here's the first one.

Sometimes there's no motivation to paint a specific subject matter, and I don't seem to get myself over to links that offer inspiration. What I end up doing is coming up with simple ways on my own of  'get my paint on'.

...continue reading "Artist’s Thoughts"

This is the third and final piece in the series called Renewed.

Power : Renewed by FMA

Title:  Power
Art by: Faith Magdalene Austin
Stats: 5x9, acrylic paint, ink, crackle medium. The painting was first hand sealed then given an acrylic over lay seal. She is painted on mulberry paper mounted to an up-cycled foam board. 'Power' has been signed on the front and back.

...continue reading "Power"


This is an original painting in acrylic and ink on reclaimed canvas. The painting shows a female face at the edge of the canvas. She's holding her breath under a sea of color. Her hair is red and yellow flames of fire that never extinguish. Even though black and turquoise water rush over her, she will resurface.

Painting size: 7 x 5 inches

...continue reading "Let the River Wash Over Me"

I sometimes like to blog about what I was thinking and where I was headed with a painting. For the most part I was thinking about the serenity prayer while painting 'Holding Flowers." I didn't go as far as to write on the tile itself, "Grant me the serenity to accept" but those very words were on my mind through out the entire creative process.

I wanted to create a surreal, dreamlike moment. I wanted the viewer to feel as if they're observing a private moment of a woman taking stock of herself, taking a moment to hold on to what she needs and let pass what she doesn't.

Change feels rigid but its not, its fluid and that's what I wanted to lines on the painting to be.

That's what I was thinking and feeling as I created Holding Flowers. She has been painted on a 4 x 2 tile in acrylic and ink.

Art Title: Holding Flowers
Ceramic tile as canvas, 4x2 inches
Acrylic and ink, sealed, signed on the back
Art by Faith Magdalene Austin of Sundrip Journals

We meet the edge just before a breakthrough. Just before higher understanding and level ground is the edge.

The painting 'Breakthrough' shows a young woman in a red dress standing on the edge of the river. Her head is bowed ever so slightly to hold a bare tree that has grown from her hair. From the branches and through the fog, fly small birds.   She stands in mist sprays, and flowing colors of purple, turquoise, green and white. In the profile of the young woman waiting for her breakthrough is a woman looking off into the distance.

Title: Breakthrough
Size: 6x4 on creative canvas

...continue reading "Breakthrough"


She Listens to His Voice is No2 in the Renewed Series which has three paintings. The painting is 5 x7 on mulberry paper.

The painting shows a young black child with two pony tails standing still in a field of flowers. She appears tired yet there is an air of hope about her. The young child has one ear is tilted up towards the sky. Musical notes and one large pink butterfly dance around her and the pink and purple flowers. Her white, gold and red dress is accented with a small pink butterfly. Across the cheeks of the little folk girl you can see a butterfly rash, this is especially evident when viewed in person.

...continue reading "She Listens to His Voice"


Wendy is a hand painted, handmade plastic bag holder doll wearing a vintage, hand embroidered shawl with a lady bug button. When the shawl is removed you can see a little red heart button on the dress. Her red, gray and white checkered dress is 28 inches long and has gold trim.
Wendy has soft lips that smile just a little bit. Her eyes are bright and beautiful with a tiny bit of blue above them. Her hair is soft black yarn and held in pony tails with ribbons the same color as her dress. The other photos show a close up of her display loop as well as a pink flower near the bottom of her dress.

...continue reading "Wendy the African American Plastic Bag Holder Doll"


I had a day of depression and anxiety so I picked up the phone and called a friend. I tearfully explained how I was feeling about my situation with Lupus and Fibromyalgia. In friendship she read to me a scripture from the Bible about how I may be wasting away on the outside but I am being renewed by the spirit from day to day. Her expressions of support were worth their weight in gold.

Several days later I began to sketch and paint the scripture in my art therapy sketchbook. The two pieces became the first in a series that will follow called "Renewed". ...continue reading "Renewed from day to day – No1"

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