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Art title: A Joyful Child is a Rose
This is a reconstructed Lee Bortin original. The figurine was discovered in disarray but there was no way I could leave her that way so I pulled out some clay, glue, paints and pens and went to work. I added yarn for hair and painted her clothing in pearl pink, purple and soft blues. She's wearing pearl earnings, small pink roses in her hair and has small little pearl dots at the bottom of her dress along the soft blue trim. The figurine stands 9 inches tall. Joy's skin tone is medium brown. Her long black yarn hair is braided and put in ponytails which are held by removable white ribbons. Adorable!
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A little Caribbean girl's dream is played out on 4x3 inch tin foil.
The foil was allowed to keep its "wrinkled" shape which adds texture and character to the piece.

Painting Details: Gold leaf dress, brightly colored headdress, small black ponytail, tall white flowers, blue and purple sky, big yellow sun and a small little happy girl skipping through rainbow colors at her feet.

Please see my Etsy shop sidebar link for purchase details.

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Earth Friendly Description: Micro-fiber hand made dress from sage colored recycled sofa throw. Hand formed clay pendant on hand strung beaded necklace. Handmade earnings, yarn hair from up cycled winter scarf. Hand drawn, hand painted facial features.

Specific  Stats: 22 inches long, dark green and brown eyes, sage colored micro fiber dress with cream colored trim, love knots made of yarn, beaded necklace with matching pendant.
Removable dress, hand-washable with mild soap.

************ NOTE ********* The last photographs show flowers in her hair and on the bottom of her skirt as an example of how the doll can be expanded to fit your decor. Flowers are not included but everything else is.

Yasmine, the plastic bag holder doll, is currently available in my Etsy shop. Please see the sidebar for the link. You may also pay via PayPal without an Etsy account. All contact information is on the sidebar. SOLD

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I love having a ton of projects all at once. Sometimes it feels like too much but other times it motivates me, keeps my spirit flowing. Recently I've been able to finish up several projects that sat on the back burner while I dealt with life. Life happens fast sometimes then it clams just enough to let you catch your breath and recharge. During my period of rest I finished 4 large projects. I have to say I'm kinda proud of myself.

There are yet 3 unfinished projects in the Sundrip Studio aka my living room. One such project is shown here. She's a 10 inch doll hand sculpted out of cold clay.*Cold clay is clay you don't fire.

Here's what needs to be done to complete this doll and cross her off my artist's to-do list. I need to work on her face more, add hands and decide on clothing. When I work on her face more I'm going to raise the eyebrows so she's not frowning so much but, don't expect a smile. To give her a smile would take away from what I'm trying to express.

Doll stats: hand sculpted, yarn hair, cold clay, 10 inches tall, a first for me. 🙂

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Faith-Magdalene Austin


Mariah, the Handmade African-American Rag Doll is now available in my shop on Etsy. Please see the sidebar for the Etsy link. SOLD

Mariah was hand painted using oil paints which were allowed to cure. I then hand drew her facial features and painted them in acrylics. Her clothing is upcycled and includes a hand formed bead on her scarf. She is about 30 inches tall. She has big brown light eyes and medium brown soft hair put up in ponytails. Her ribbons match her scarf. The doll she's holding is not included.

All though Mariah is well put together I don't consider her a toy. She's more of a shelf sitter or welcome doll for a novelty shop or for the home of a fine art doll collector.

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I was at my favorite store, Hobby Lobby, where they had a super sail on Polymer Clay. Instead of nearly $3 per tiny package I was able to purchase it at $1.25 each. I was thrilled and grabbed a few cream colored packages. The color didn't really matter much because I was just going to paint it anyway but I wanted a light color. Cream it was. I went home thrilled.

Later that evening I turned the lights out to go to bed when I noticed 4 glowing squares on the table. Turns out I didn't pick up cream I picked up neon. Dang it! Four packages of neon glowing polymer clay! Oh well I thought, I'll deal with it. Mostly I made stamps to use for clay that doesn't glow in the dark. I made a sunflower mold as well as a mold for a small figuring I'm working on. You can see her here.

After making stamps and molds I had a tiny bit of clay left so I shaped together a pendant 1 inch by a half inch. I think it turned out pretty well, only thing is, when you turn the lights out part of the pendant glows. This is the only one though, the others don't glow in the dark. 🙂

Sometimes you just gotta laugh at yourself.



Polymer clay beads...because clay is fun.  ALL HAVE BEEN SOLD

I'm brand spanking new at clay works, especially polymer clay, boy is it different than natural clay. Seeing as how I don't have a kiln then polymer is my next best option.

About 4 months ago my physical therapist suggested I build hand strength by working with clay. I was unable to start with clay but I did start with play dough and work my way up. Clay is great physical therapy and a great creative tool.

Seeing as how I like to change things up a bit I decided against using store bought stones but instead found small rocks from outside to place in the pendant bezel. Fun, fun, fun. All of these are hand painted and hand formed and all were a total blast right to the end.

You can see a few items in my Etsy Shop. Check the sidebar for the Etsy link.



I started out with several squares of clay and just sort of kept messing around until I got to a spot where I thought I might be on to something. When I realized I was on to something I punched it all down and started over. I formed the face with more features, added a shawl, lacy texture to the bottom of the dress, a hat and folder hands at her chest.

. . .. .  .

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Sold on 12/29/10 .

Pull to Pieces is a small oil painting (5 x 7) created with the aide of a toothpick. One of the fun things about this painting is that it is painted whole and strong at the top but it begins to crack and mute towards the bottom.

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Amanda in Pink Handmade Rag Doll

Plush Rag Doll stats:  SOLD
30 inches long,
Long blond hair made of soft yarn,
Painted large brown eyes with long lashes, soft blue shadow and pink cheeks,
Pink dress, white bloomers with lace,
Little pink lace up slippers
Adorned in adorableness .

For sale price and other details please see my Etsy shop link on the sidebar.

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