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Looking Forward

The Rest of Her Life

by F. Magdalene

She said today is the first day of the rest of her life
As if something from yesterday faded away
And a new hope had been born.
As if today’s sunrise forever burned out midnight hours and
Melted cold hard tears that slowly fell down the window of her eyes.
Today is the first day of the rest of her life.
How could she know?
How can she be so sure?
Confident, tall, proudly she saunters across the alley way to the market where fresh peaches and spring flowers line the walk.
A smile crosses her face and is contagious to his.
“Today!” she says.
Today? He says.
“Yes, the rest of my life.”
So sure.
She’s sure.

Looking Forward is available for purchase via PayPal for $25 with no shipping and handing to the United States. She will arrive on an 8.5 x 11 soft gloss card stock, signed, dated and in a protective sleeve. When using PayPal you may request a copy of the accompanying poem.

When printing on an 8.5 x 11 a small white border may appear. This is to prevent stretching the image out of proportion. Please check my sidebar for my PayPal address as well as the Redbubble link.

Art title: Looking Forward
Poem title: The Rest of Her Life written Saturday, February 9, 2008, 3:05 am

Lady Friends

Detail 1 and 2

Lady Friends detail 1 Lady Friends detail 2

Right click to view each detailed piece larger. The larger views show texture and true colour.

Prints purchased via PayPal are $25 with no shipping and handing to the United States. She comes on an 8.5 x 11 soft gloss card stock, signed, dated and in a protective sleeve. When printing on an 8.5 x 11 a small white border may appear. This is to prevent stretching the image out of proportion. Lady Friends is also available on Redbubble. Please check my sidebar for my PayPal address as well as the Redbubble link.


I crave the simple image

The minimalist’s view painted on my inner most eye.
A soft pallet stroking my grieved and sickly soul
With it’s never too little, never too much easy flow of grace
Inviting me to rest my head
And forget.

I crave you.

I crave flowing pastures that meet soft blue horizons.
Never worried they are of
Thunder, threats and lightening storms raining despair upon settled ground.
No rose petals falling from skinny hopeless stalks or
Once hearty trees giving in to driving rain.
No, I crave a bloom coming forth from freshly sprouted earth and
Sun rays that compliment her efforts.
I crave this, this elegance, this simplicity, this conflict free existence.

Today I ask you not to offer up hurried flashes and trampling thoughts one over the other.
Don’t take me down paths to the world that once held me captive.
Today I ask for orange to make peace with yellow and not war across the page
Spilling on red, assaulting blue and running head first into black.
Not today, today I crave simplicity.
I need something simple, something elegant
As my mind is weary, saddled with burden, near to fail and never phoenix.
So I beg for rest, for reprieve, for mercy.

Show me no images of the war I fought and lost
Remind me not of times I stood dressed as a soldier
In tiny patent leather shoes and a frilly little dress
Beside my commander, my chief, my enemy.
I ask you
I beg of you
Show me no more sorrow
Show me no more pain.
Today I need simplicity.
Today I must have peace.

Elegance and Peace by F. Magdalene
written Wednesday, January 30, 2008, 9:33 pm

Sky Blue Dreamer

It has become pretty standard that there will be at least three versions of each painting. I can't think of a piece on Sundrip that hasn't been revised in some manner. I see the image and think, if I added colour here, changed the texture there and so on I could get an entirely different effect.

The original version is called Sky Blue Dreamer and she's part of the Faceless Beauty Collection and is categorized under "faces". The original is as high textured as Version 2 (Ella ha llegado) and Version 3 (She Has Arrived) where I changed colours, added wings, changed the breadth of her shoulders and the shape of her face.

Ella ha llegado (V2)She Has Arrived (Browns) V3

V2 and V3 have experimental filters. V2 is a combo of mural, fresco and the paint dry brush filter. V3 is chalk opaque over paint dry brush. From V2 to V3 you'll see different colours in the wings, a difference in skin tone, a golden ray necklace and a hint of green in the background. V3 also has a very light halo behind her head.

One thing leads to another and versions happen. I've come to enjoy this evolution.

Thanks for visiting
F. Magdalene

Red Flowers - Red Apron

Red flowers - Red apron.

I took inspiration from two different paintings to come up with Red Flowers - Red Apron. The background is from In The Field . I took a few blades of grass from The Path of Least Resistance. Add a blue-gray rock, a female figure and flowers then changed colours and you have Red Flowers - Red Apron.

I've been trying out new filters so even though it was inspired by the above paintings it looks different. I used milder colours than usual and the mood is a little different than many of my paintings. I think I might be ending the phase where the viewer can see the colour three blocks before they actually get up on the painting 🙂 I went through a flower phase, a faces phase and a high colour phase. I'm not quite sure what to call this next chapter.

F. Magdalene


Path of Least Resistance

She holds tightly to a flower in one hand and clasps blades of grass in another. The woman in this image forces her way through a wild filed looking straight ahead, unflinching, strong, willful. She will meet her goals.

Laminated Example

Copyright 2008 @ Sundrip Journals
All rights reserved.


I usually paint digitally but my first love paint on canvas. I have very few paintings anymore on canvas but I have hundreds of sketches. Here are just a few.

Abstract in Colour . Abstract in Colour 2

One of the things I've noticed about my artwork is that I lean to one side of the paper or canvas. I'm drawn to certain colours, usually the darker colours and I like to layer and add illusion as well as hidden images. Many of my abstract sketches are up and down, filled with arrows, cross hatching and small asterix type designs.

For as long as I can remember I've added arrows to my work. Why? I finally came up with the reason. I believe in life we are told which way to go, which direction is right and which is wrong. We're told which side of the street to walk on, which street should not be entered, which way is south, north, the straight path or a detour. Arrows and directions are part of our everyday life. It is easy to become overwhelmed by constantly being guided. Many times the instruction arrows are to lead us down the right path and keep us safe. It's wise to follow arrows and directional signs but I still find the constant bombardment of "this is how you should do things" overwhelming. I take the everyday "go this way" and add it to my art. Adding arrows and placing them where I want them helps me feel more in control of my destiny.

I have at least 5 full sketch books of nothing but arrows and lines, crosshatches and geometric shapes. In them you'll see that theme but you'll also see me break composition and artistic logic by adding a bright, bold colour where it doesn't belong. It's intended as a strong statement against order and forced compliance.

Do you analyze your own artwork? Are certain patterns and techniques intended to express deeper thoughts and go beyond what is accepted as good compositions and presentation?

F. Magdalene

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