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Raindrops....detailed view

This started out as a pencil drawing which lead to a few attempts at enhancing it. The body is done the same as the others. She's pieced together as if she were a quilt or patchwork people as I like to call them. She's sewn together and even missing in some places but she does not fret. She still stops to smell the flowers. Note: The piece on her arm that was missing has been corrected.

I do believe this is the version I'm happy with. Sometimes a painting just doesn't feel finished so I keep messing around with it until I get that "ah, there it is" feeling. I felt it so here she is, "Raindrops."

You can also view Raindrops at Redbubble and on Etsy. Both links are provided on my sidebar along with contact information.

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F. Magdalene

You Are Expressionism

Moody, emotional, and even a bit angsty... you certainly know how to express your emotions.
At times, you tend to lack perspective on your life, probably as a result of looking inward too much.This introspection does give you a flair for the dramatic. And it's even maybe made you cultivate some artistic talents!You have a true artist's temperament... which is a blessing and a curse.

What Art Movement Are You?

Oh, like you know me? LOL Dang it. I hate it when blogthings is right. Yes, I have a tendency to manipulate real life images and reality to express a certain emotion. I guess that makes me an expressionist. That's kinda cool. Read more of what wiki has to say about expressionists here.



Doing this was just for fun...very very first digital collage. Three images in one. The very top is Sacrifices, the bottom is Waiting for The Wind To Change and the middle, well, that's me presenting these two pieces to you with a scarf I never wear.
Presentation..Right Side.bottom left
I use to feel rather self conscious about using my face in my own artwork as if it somehow meant I thought too much of myself. I've learned recently that the self portrait is one of the oldest forms of portrait making. That's a sigh of relief for me. No, I'm not all into myself, I'm just available when I need a model and I don't charge myself for a sitting. Dare I say I'm cheap and available? 🙂

Now that I've had some fun I can go to sleep. Ah, what a long day.

F. Magdalene

Longing Flower .

Below is a close up view of her eyes, the flower and an example of her printed with title. Longing Flower is available in print only on Redbubble. Right click to view larger.

face .hand and flower .Longing Flower

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F. Magdalene


I wasn’t ever certain what it meant when someone said “you have a distinctive style.” I figured it was a negative comment like, “all your work looks alike.” Perhaps I heard negative because of being so uncertain about my artwork. Over the last few months, maybe 5 I’d say, I’ve come to know that it simply means one can identify the artist by their work because that artist has a certain way of doing things. For instance, one can tell a Van Gogh in a heartbeat. He has an undeniable stroke. I can spot an Ansel Adams a mile away. Is his work boring? Does it all look the same? No, but he has a certain style, a distinctive style that marks his work as his.

As an artist grows in confidence so does his/her understanding of feedback. Sometimes when the feedback is “Well I don’t really like this” I’m able to go, “Okay, but that doesn’t invalidate my work.” I’ve come to know that it means that particular person at that time doesn’t like that piece. It doesn’t mean my work isn’t any good. I believe the more exposure I have to artists I admire, the more feedback I’m exposed to the more confidence I gain as an artist.

Two days ago on the university campus the secretary of that department asked me what I do for a living. I said I’m an artist. I said it and didn’t flinch, didn’t feel embarrassed to include myself with the likes of those I’ve seen on the net, on walls, in museums. Talk about issues of self worth as an artist before. I’d never even use that word in relation to myself. But two days ago I did and it felt good, but it got better. The next day when I showed up for my appointment I brought in my portfolio. I leaned over the secretaries desk and flipped through it with her, showing her Lady In The Trees, She’s Green, Shape Shifter, Reaching Out To Life and others. I explained them one by one. Pretty soon several staff members were around, the clients in the waiting room were listening intently. I realized I’d just had my very first showing. I planned only to have a private little thing with the secretary but it turned out I showed the office and the clients my entire portfolio. Was I prepared? Oh yes I was. After flipping through the entire portfolio of prints I passed out business cards to each and every one in the room, 25 in all. It was a proud a moment.

What if I’d told her, “I’m an unemployed, stay at home mom of a dog and two cats?” I wouldn’t have had the wonderful experience of an impromptu showing. Confidence can take a person a long way.

F. Magdalene

She sits for her portrait challenging the painter to use his vision and capture just a fraction of her character, her colour, her light. The Sitting.

The Sitting

If you're using Firefox right click the thumbnails to make them larger and view details of this painting.

face .shirt . shirt 2

The fall colours in this image are rich and full bodied and would do fine in the foyer of a restaurant, private office or home. Purchases via PayPal from arrive as an un-matted 8x11 print. Check the sidebar for Redbubble and other purchase methods as well as contact information.

Here's one thing that will never be said about me as an artist: "That girl is afraid of colour."This painting started out with one stroke on Picture It Publish It by Microsoft and lead to what you see here. It's another "up all night" of those things I do when I really should be sleeping but other matters prevent it.

Eye Soar

Detail of the face and body can be seen by right clicking the image.

Eye Soar detail of the face

Eye Soar detail of the body

Detail of texture

Eye Soar detail of texture

Available in print on Redbubble. 

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F. Magdalene

Beckoning V3

This is, as with V1 and V2 is an artistic rendering of a young lady receiving answers. She's on her knees, as if she were praying when out of the blue sky comes maybe the answer to her request. There is a slight disconnection of her hands and face from her body. Perhaps the blue bird coming to her open arms offers resolution.

The rays that flow behind and beyond her transform into a bird's feather.
At closer observation you'll see a yellow flower in her hair and ruffles at the end of her skirt.

For printing options please see sidebar. This is available via Paypal or Etsy.

F. Magdalene

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