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Father and Child

I'm still trying new subjects to paint and new styles. The newest is called "Father and Child". It's an ethnic painting of a tender moment between father and child. They nap together among strong earth tones, foliage greens and vivid blue on a golden turquoise shell bed.

Father and Child V2

.close up Child close up Father close up

art by F. Magdalene


Good As Gold

Good As Gold by F. Magdalene is a high colour, high texture emotional painting. A common theme on Sundrip is growth. The lady bends but does not kneel. All around her life springs forth. Her head is girded in gold and is protected from the elements. This protection allows her to fully appreciate without disturbance the gift of everyday simplistic pleasures.

upper body skirt

Good As Gold is part of the Faceless Beauty Collection and is only available in print on Redbubble.

Copyright 2008 © F. Magdalene of Sundrip All rights reserved

Satchel of Dreams

There is always time to dream.
Satchel of Dreams is available in 8.5x11 or 6x9 in the Innocence Gallery. Please visit Redbubble for a limited time offer of greeting cards and poster sizes of this and other Sundrip paintings. Satchel of Dreams and other paintings are available on Sundrip but are only available for a limited time on Redbubble.

The entire Before The Bloom series can be seen here.

F. Magdalene

The Ladies Fare

I know what you're thinking, F. Magdalene has lost it. No, not really. I'm exploring. In my exploration I've stumbled on a few different styles I actually like. The first version of this, which hangs on my wall matted and framed, shows the two ladies with painted faces. As you can see the first version is more harsh in its presentation.

Ladies flowers

The Ladies Fare shown here was toned down by removing the open mouth smiles and face paint as well as the crown above the second woman. I added two extra flowers and changed the colour of two butterflies. These minor changes work for me but it's still the original version that hangs on my wall.

redhead and blond Blond hair

Thanks for looking. You can find this version on Redbubble and my galleries here on Sundrip.

Pleasant and Pleasant Petals

Pleasant Pleasant Petals

This is a revised piece of a still life called June Pots. The second version is simply called Pleasant, the third pictured above is Pleasant Petals.

left bottom Pots Right top

Click the thumbnails for a close up view. See Redbubble and the Sundrip galleries for prints.

F. Magdalene

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