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Forever SpringSay I don't really want Fall to come and whisk spring and summer away? Say I want to hold onto spring and summer flowers and colors as long as possible? What if I simply decide that nope, as of today I have control over the turning of seasons and I say they stop here and now, right now. I'm going to miss spring. I'll miss opening up the curtains to see my grass growing wild with weeds that should have been cut weeks ago. I'll miss long nights on the porch with a fly swatter and a cool drink. It'll come again next year, spring and summer always come as planned. I'm just not so eager this year to let them go. So, in honor of sunny days and long nights on the porch with an out dated tiki torch here are three renditions of spring flowers. I couldn't name them Forever Summer, that wouldn't sound right so here I introduce to you Forever Spring In Threes.

Forever Spring 2

Forever Spring 2

Forever Spring 3

Forever Spring 3

I know what you're thinking, that's the same flower. You're right, it is, or rather it was. I rearranged the leaves, changed the peddles and the background for a different look and feel. What I like about Forever Spring 3 is the antique look it has to it. I like the weathered white with a bit of brown and country blue peaking through the white around the border of the painting. It gives it a very warm feeling and a totally different appeal than version 1 and 2.

Well, I can't make spring and summer stay but I can paint its memories as often as I like and I intend to do just that.

Title: Forever Spring In Threes
Primary Colors: Yellow gold, rose, plum, fusicia pink, weathered white, floral green,
Accents: Country blue, coral,
Primary subject: Flowers, spring, leaves,
Secondary subject: Nature, country, home, garden,
Art by: F. Magdalene

ShapeShifter (Werecat)

Shape shifter is an exceptionally earthy digital painting full of detail, texture and movement. If you look closely you can see what could be wood grain, a finger print or the veins of weathered paper running through the background image. This texture sits behind steel blue and sea green stained glass which also doubles as hair then swirls around in dark crimson as a necklace to the shape shifter.
Detail 1
detail 1

Detail 2
detail 2

Detail 3
detail 3

Title: Shape Shifter
Primary Colors: Yellow gold, pumpkin orange, auburn, raw umber,
Accents: Deep chocolate skin tone, dark crimson, steel blue, Jade and sea green,
Primary subject: African, cat, woman, eyes, shape shifter, werecat,
Secondary subject: Earthy, texture, masks, gold,
Art by: F. Magdalene
Magdalene’s Masked Collection

Butterfly Festival

detail wing 1
detail 1

detail wing 2
detail 2

The fun part about this piece is how the stems of two leaves extend to create the antennas on the butterfly. Typical green ivy turned blue and gold with a touch of purple adds a fantasy quality. This is high texture, high detail and crystal clear paint/mouse strokes. Truly a fun piece to create.

Primary Colors: Green gold, fantasy green,
Accent colors: Sky blue, cobalt blue, coral, purple

Title: Butterfly Festival
Art by: F. Magdalene

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Rising Sun

I wish to rise from ruins.
Gather broken pieces,
Shards and shreds long cast off as useless
And create one form worth standing for.
I will rise from rubble
For one great stand
One grand shine.

In my true essence
I wish to rise unscathed by imagery and voices
That encourage the lying down of hope.

detail texture

Poem Title: The Essence of Me
Art Title: Rising Sun
Art by: F. Magdalene
Rising Sun comes in several print forms as well as framed on Redbubble and via PayPal. Contact me for details.

Sundrip Art – Art for life.
Color, Texture, Light and Sentiment

You may link to Sundrip Journal entries but without written consent you may not duplicate nor copy/paste any content written or created by the author of Sundrip Journals.

Images Copyright 2007 © Sundrip Journals All rights reserved.


She's Green V2

Until I find a better title for this painting I'll have to call her "She's Green." I painted A Boy's Mask and was kinda happy with it but I wanted to fool around and do something a little X-Men with it. The truth is, I watched the DVD X-Men and fell in love with the girl that kept morphing into whatever shape she wanted. When she was finished with the shape she went back to her scaly, fish-like self. I thought she was pretty cool. She and Wolverine are the main reasons I watch that movie all the time. There's also a hint of the movie Memoirs of a Geisha. There's a part in the movie where the ladies paint their faces white but there's a distinct mark where there is no paint yet. When I watch that movie I'm captivated by that. It's a great movie, the visuals, the dancing, the story itself is a great o

ne. I don't mean to minimize any of that. It's just I like that diamond shape on the back. So, here's my piece that started off as a boy wearing a mask and ended being touched by Hollywood to become a green girl.

She's Green

Title1 : She's Green V2
Title2 : She's Green V1
Art by: F. Magdalene


A Boy's Mask

When painting I try not to compare my work with that of others because it's easy to find myself with the short end of the stick. I see so much great art out there and it's hard to see the value in my own. So I began thinking, what makes my digital art my own? Here's a short list.

  1. The vast majority each painting is not cut and paste but brush strokes created with a computer mouse.
  2. I'm pretty good with colour, thought I have my favorites I'm willing to branch out a bit and try mixing new ones. Themes and colours are switched up on all the time so a viewer may be surprised to see the theme the next time they visit my blog.
  3. A picture within a picture. Most of my artwork contains more than one subject. There is of course the primary image but many times a secondary picture emerges like some psychiatric ink blot test. Sometimes I do this purposely and other times it just happens.
  4. Texture, a person could get lost in it. Follow the lines and expect to get out? Never. When a person gets close up to my printed work they can see texture in every corner of the painting. If you don't see something new each time you look at a piece exploding with texture then I didn't do my job.

What I find interesting about this painting is the way I totally disregarded all my usual forms of painting children. I’m use to painting them in fairy tale settings. I’m use to using bright colours, putting wings on them, making them sweet and adorable. What it out of the ordinary is to paint a little boy. What’s even more unique about the painting is the child is wearing a mask. I have no idea what “possessed” me to go out of my comfort zone with children and paint a little boy wearing a mask but I must say, I’m kind of pleased with the results.

I enjoy painting by hand. I miss it badly but digital art has its advantages. I think I find a new one every time I pick up my mouse.

Art on Red Bubble

and PayPal

Sundrip Art – Art for life.
Color, Texture, Light and Sentiment

© 2007 Sundrip Journals. All rights reserved.

Kitten's Rainbow Ascent

No Longer A Stray

One day she'll be more than just a stray,
She'll hang the moon,
Swing from the rainbow
And play marbles with the stars and planets.
One day she'll pounce and leap,
With a belly full of sweetness she'll slumber and sleep
No boxes or concrete beneath her but in a bed of her own in a place she calls home.


Poem Title: No Longer A Stray (for the kitten on my doorstep)
Art Title: A Kitten’s Rainbow Ascent
Art by: F. Magdalene
Wednesday, July 25, 2007-5:01AM EST

This piece, with it's aged look mixes gold plating, bursts of rust, burnt orange and fading yellows to create the most sacred union in the world, marriage.

Wedding Day

detailed view

Wedding Day was extraordinarily fun to paint for art therapy. As I painted details I was able to block out everything around me, forget the world for just a second and create. I suppose the idea of art therapy is to express your issues through art but it can also be used as a positive coping skill and outlet.

Thanks to the uploading process the painting shown above appears too saturated. The original is not this saturated. What I like most about this piece is the texture which you can see by clicking the link called "detailed view". I'm all about texture when painting. I like the smooth look but when I paint I want the viewer to reach out and touch the painting fully expecting to feel the life on it. I want them to touch orange and feel it burn. I want the viewer to experience my art so when it comes to my paintings texture is a must.

Like most of my work, the piece above started out as something totally different. So how did Wedding Day begin? Like this ---->

Stone Princess It wasn't much of a stretch to go from a few rays to many then add different colours. It may not have been much of a stretch but it was quite a task. What I like about Stone Princess is the detail on the image that appears to be solid black. She has stone markings. If you click the detailed view you can see them.

As in Wedding Day the other people in the painting celebrate the woman before them. The significance of a dark image is one of misguided trust. That isn't the most positive thing in the world, to paint people putting their trust in fruitless causes but it does depict truth.

The people in the above painting are smoothed over and share colour. They are different shades but they originate from the same hue showing just how easy it is to blend in OR to make so little self improvement that its hard to tell yourself from others. Again, it's not positive but it is art. So there you have it, Wedding Day and Stone Princess.

Title 1: Wedding Day
Title 2: Stone Princess
Art by: F. Magdalene

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