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This 100% hand sewn, homemade rag doll stands 32 inches tall and is lightly stuffed with polyfill. She's wearing a red and black plaid size 2T dress with three small bows, white leggings and black patent leather shoes. This one of a kind rag doll has hazel green eyes, long brown lashes, rosy cheeks and sweet pink lips. Her hair is long and black, her skin is pinky-peach. The young school girl will arrive to your door well wrapped and with a small signature on her bum.

* SOLD *

US Cost: As seen in my Etsy shop School Girl's adoption fee is $35.00 with $7.00 s/h to the United States. An Etsy account is not required for purchase but a PayPal account is.


School Girl is part of the Charlene Doll Collection at SUNDRIP - Art for Life

I accept private requests from individuals for therapy dolls, inner child dolls, child therapy dolls, dolls for adults in psychotherapy as well as play dolls and bears. Please use my sidebar contact address for your special order.

If you would like to join the list of those first notified of available Charlene Dolls please contact me via email with the subject line "Doll List" How does the list work? Everyone who visits my Etsy shop has an equal chance to get a doll but those on the list are emailed with advance notice of her posting. The list is for advance notice only. It is NOT a list of people who have first choice or sale preference.

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I confess, I love era paintings, tapestry, paisley, mismatch patterns and oversize flowers. These are the inspirations for my experimental painting below.


F. Magdalene Austin

Copyright 2009-2010 @ Sundrip Journals. All rights reserved.



Crystal's Tree

She's not yet learned to bend with grace or extend her arms in confidence.
She has yet to learn how to withstand heavy winds
Or hold herself under weight never meant for her.
Wobbly and uncertain she sways in the grass growing lovely.
Tall and slender she blends perfectly with tender blooms.
Around her together every form of life hangs on her soft whisper,
He will come.
He will lift my burden.
Every sparrow, every cloud above knows He will.

"Crystal's Tree"  has been on my mind for weeks. I saw a quote on the net about children who live with adult responsibility and fight with everything they have to manage it with their inadequate resources. It was a touching quote.

Copyright 2009-2010 @ Sundrip Journals. All rights reserved.


Last Tuesday on my way to an appointment my cad driver and I passed a terrible car accident. A man, skinny as a rail pulled a grown woman from her wrecked truck and carried her to the sidewalk as if she were a rag doll. What impressed me was how gently he placed her in the grass. What broke my heart was that he then lay over her chest and wept.

weep-for-me-original-sketch. Weep For Me

The young girl in the style of Simple Miss Rose was digitally coloured.  The only part not in the original drawing are the flowers at her feet.

Weep For Me - a simple drawing for a very moving situation.

Art by:  F. Magdalene Austin

Copyright 2009-2010 @ Sundrip Journals. All rights reserved.

This is a honey bear wearing a checkered green dress with matching hair bows. She has two hair bows that can be arranged to meet her changing fashion needs.

At 18 inches tall this fleece, rice and polyfilled ornamental teddy bear is sweetness wrapped in a hand sewn dress with two matching hair bows. She has pom-pom eyes and a safety nose with thread stitched lips. Her little checkered dress has a small band of solid white lace at the top.

** SOLD **


Honey Bear's small asking price is $7.00 with $3.00 for shipping and handling to the United States. She's available via PayPal or my Etsy shop. Please see the sidebar for my Etsy link.

In one photo she's with friends but Honey Bear is sold separately. Please contact me with any questions.

And here they are, teddy bears waiting for a home. These little ones are made from cream coloured material about the weight of corduroy. They're hand stitched and filled with ployfiled with soft pink fabric paint on the ears. Both have pom-pom eyes and a small green checkered scarf. No glue was used during the creative process.

The first bear is a 10 inch aromatherapy bear which means his belly has small grain white rice and a small pouch with chamomile buds. The dried chamomile I use is high quality, rich in aroma and long lasting.  When not being snuggled the aromatherapy bears can rest in a soup mug (not included) or any area of your home.
The second bear is a small 8 inch carry along bear sure to be a good side kick at the doctor's office, the grocery store or anywhere you and your child travel. He's polyfill only, no rice or aroma added. He'll fit in your bag just fine or in a cup as shown. With a little green checkered scarf this little buddy is always ready to go.

Safety Note: If the bear is for a child please remove the button(s) from the scarf. Both bears are microwave safe but please check the warmth before the bear is placed against or near skin.

Prices and Purchase Location: Each bear sells individually. You can purchase the bears from this site with a PayPal account or via my Etsy shop. My contact information and Etsy store link are on my sidebar.

** SOLD ** 10 inch Aromatherapy Bear: $12.00 with $3.00 shipping to the United States.

** SOLD ** 8 inch Travel Bear: $7.00 with $3.00 shipping to the United States.

If purchased together shipping can be combined to $4.00 to the United States. Please contact me for international shipping. My contact information is on my sidebar.

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This Asian-flair painting is version two of Simple Miss Rose. I have a feeling this isn't the last of Simple Miss Rose. We'll have to see what other beauty she can get herself into.

Her hair went from medium blond to slick black. I also added a pattern to her shirt and sleeves as well as a few nearly transparent leaves to her skirt.

Two days ago i printed off the original version in very small format. I framed it and placed it on my bookshelf. It's so tiny but adorable. The image size is 3 inches by 2.5 inches. It's about the size of a business card. I mounted it and put it in a frame especially designed for tiny prints. I think I like the size because they don't take up a lot of room.

As much as I'm into art I don't like a bunch of stuff on the walls but I do like small art. These miniature prints work quite nicely for small spaces and for times when you want to switch up art in the house. I'll take photos of them soon and perhaps offer a few in my Etsy shop.

Thanks for visiting,

F. Mag


She's a simple lady who understands the complex beauty around her.

Painting details: A faceless young woman lounges in the sand where a single rose has blossomed. She's wearing a basic high neck brown long sleeve sweater and an ankle length hunter green skirt. Her bare feat touch the sand as one hand reaches for the single rose. There's a tad bit of blue at the top of the painting and a small green ribbon in her hair. When viewed larger you can see a very light pattern as if the painting was created directly on linen.

Title: Simple Miss Rose
Art by F. Magdalene Austin

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