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I sometimes get stuck on a painting and put it up for a bit, then I take it out and hang it on the wall. I sometimes even frame the piece and look at it for awhile. There have been times I've passed a painting and thought, oh, I need a line here or oh, I should add this or that color, change this line, add extra texture here and there.

Stuck pieces

Putting the work away and out of my mind gives me a break from 'worrying' over it. Bringing it back out and taping it to the wall helps me see it in a new light and bring it to completion.  ...continue reading "Artist Thoughts: Waiting for new sight"


Young Girl fma

Title: That Young Girl
Art by: F. Magdalene Austin
6x8 canvas board, acrylic and ink painting, original SOLD

She's washed in color, draped in it. Her sad eyes look out at the viewer not for assistance but to offer it, to offer and explanation. This painting is in expression of life with Lupus and Fibromyalgia. ...continue reading "That Young Girl"

tin man fma

Art Title: Tin Man
Art by: F. Magdalene Austin

DETAILS: A silver and black figure poses as water drips over his shoulder. In one hand large fish dangle, the other is to his side and swirls to a close. On his chest is a gold that drips down mixing with silver, blue and black. Though he is the "Tin Man" he nearly hangs as a puppet by strings of color and water.

SIZE: 6 inches by 4 inches with 1/4 inch thickness

...continue reading "Tin Man Wood Panel Painting"

All four

I've tried something new, infused oils. For this particular batch I used grapeseed oil to infuse hand cut, hand dried flowers to create a wonderfully fragrant infused oil that has many applications. This oil is not a perfume. Its strongest scent is brought out when used in the bath or heated for massage.

Here is a list of ways to best use this product:
**** Aromatherapy is the very fist thing that comes to mind. Put a small amount on your finger and swipe it under your nose leaving just enough to fill the senses and calm your nerves. KEEP CALM AND LAVENDER ON. Therapeutic properties.
**** Bath oil. Poor it into the hot water and let it fill the room.
**** Place oil on your legs and feet before putting on your socks or winter gloves.
**** Place a small amount on your lips during the winter to moisturize them.
**** Use as sensual oils for massage.
**** Used As Hair Oil - Since grape seed oil is non-greasy in texture and is odorless, it is preferred by people who do not like sticky hair oil. It easily gets absorbed by hair and nourishes it without giving a feeling that one has applied oil on the hair. This is wonderful for dreadlocks and natural African-American hair.

...continue reading "Infused Oils"

Willow by F.MagAustin The Willow doll is 18 inches and full of sweet joy. She's handmade and lovely. Willow is wearing a printed green dress that shows her love for nature. Her apron if filled with wildflowers picked by her own two hands. Curly-q tree branches were dipped in purple, pink and white to create wild flowers. She's got a bouquet of lavender that fits perfectly in her apron. From the sweet smile on her face and the dimples she shows, you can tell that Willow is happiest when she's surrounded by nature.

Also on the handmade rag doll are little blue Mary Jane shoes, a small straw hat with two ribbons and soft brown, textured yarn for hair.
If you can't tell, I truly enjoyed making her and had a blast adding tiny little details. ...continue reading "Willow – Handmade African-American Rag Doll"

Birds on Fallen Trees - 9 x 8 clay and wood sculpture created almost entirely with found items. The cobble stones in clay were found items, the twigs are from 5 fallen trees, the birds are from a recycled art piece, real Pekin duck feathers have been added as well as dried flowers.

When I’m anxious I paint. When I’m anxious I walk. The other day was a walking day. While walking I decided to explore an area struck by last spring’s storms. In that area there are at least 5 trees uprooted. It’s as if they were effortlessly plucked and left on their side. Sad though the sight may sound, nature has created its own art piece. It’s the kind of art you only find in nature, the stuff artists  like me can’t come close to mimicking. ...continue reading "Birds on Fallen Trees"

This art website as well as my Etsy shop will be on vacation starting December 1st, 2012 until January 1st 2013. If there is an order you want to place through this website or on Etsy please do so before December 1st.During vacation you may at any time visit my Redbubble shop to purchase prints and postcards.
As of Friday, November 30th, 2012 the Redbubble  shop has been updated and is more consistent than before.Thank you.  See you soon.
Through most of December, Redbubble will offer free shipping with codes that appear at the top of the page. Use the provided code on that website and take advantage of the cost reduction.

Faith-Magdalene Austin
SUNDRIP- Art for Life

Juliette in Cream is an handmade light skinned doll with extra long black hair. Her features are hand painted. Her hair has been hand sewn in and her dress has been hand sewn. She is made of 90% recycled materials including her soft plush insides, her shoes and the extra soft, textured yarn hair.

Juliette is about 11 inches tall. She's wearing a cream colored dress with pink hand painted trim. Her little shoes are gold, her white socks have gold fabric glue trim. On her little cream dress is a lace doily collar with a tiny pink bow. Holding the lace doily collar in place is a tiny little button.

Juliette's hair is extra long so that you can pull it to the side, pull it up or leave it down as you wish.

...continue reading "Juliette in Cream Handmade Ragdoll"


I’ve delayed in posting these pieces because I wasn’t sure how to explain them. I wasn’t sure what to say or if I should say anything at all but I believe I’ve finally found the right mix of words to explain the series of paintings called Cocoon.

First, a little background information: I have Lupus and the symbol for Lupus is the butterfly. Where there’s a butterfly there was once a cocoon. The series focuses on inside the cocoon. The color of the support ribbon for Lupus is purple which is why there are shades of purple here and there in the paintings. Lets move ahead. Truthfully, I'm scared to death about my health. It is this fear which has motivated the series of paintings. ...continue reading "Cocoon – Series Paintings"

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