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To the extent that I managed to translate the emotions into images– that is to say, to find the images which were concealed in the emotions– I was inwardly calmed and reassured.

Had I left those images hidden in the emotions, I might have been torn to pieces by them....

Carl Jung

Divided as a Whole SOLD

If I didn't paint MY WAY, I'd lose my mind. If I didn't pick up a brush or pencil I'm not quite certain how I'd express deepest emotion. Art is the best medium when there are no words or when words aren't good enough.  ...continue reading "art is the reason I’m not crazy"

Elements FMA

It can be difficult to know what to name some paintings. I sat and looked at this one and began to name the things I saw. Well, there's most certainly a large moon with detailed gold rim, water that rapidly moves and spills onto red earth. In the background could those be trees or the mountains or are there individuals taking time to feel the cool grass and be refreshed by the water? After I named all the natural elements the tile became clear: Elements. ...continue reading "Elements an Abstract Painting"

Waiting for Magic fma

At 7 x 5 inches this painting packs an emotional punch for me. The pallet is gold, green and hues of blue. Fire swirls, water climbs and falls, mist hangs and a young girl in a white dress sits by the bank waiting for something big to happen. This painting is highly textured, is full of energy and wonder. ...continue reading "Waiting for Magic"


A canvas splashed with a tiny bit of color on the side sat on my desk for a good long time waiting for something, anything to happen. Last night in my rush to paint trees, I picked up the canvas and began to sketch.

This afternoon I completed the painting by adding brighter colors than seen in Tea Tree. As a matter of fact, this tree has a totally different feel because of the boldness of the colors. I still had a ball of fun creating it. ...continue reading "Colors"

Tea Tree Sometimes I don't know what I want to put on paper so I just spray it with water, put a reusable tea cloth on it and leave it alone. I may even remove the tea leaves and spread them over the paper. Later I'll come back and add color then put the paper away expecting nothing to come of it right then.

Nights like last night make pieces of paper like described above worth making. It was a long night and I needed to sketch but I needed to sketch just one thing, trees. I sketched three in all. The first is on the tea and ink stained paper seen in the accompanying photos.

Although I have used rainbow colors this has more of an earthy feel to it. It appears to be watercolor stains but the medium is acrylic paint and tea leaves accompanied by scribbles and scratches for branches.

I'm pleased with the painting.

Title: Tea Tree
Art by: Faith Magdalene Austin
Medium: Acrylic paint and tea on paper, 8.5 x 7.5

I've been thinking about how much time I spend in bed, at the hospital, with my staff here at home and with a head full of thoughts concerning my health.

I've been thinking about the difficulties I have with filling orders.

I've been thinking that come April 1st when my Etsy shop is to re-open I may not be ready. There is so much to do. This month alone there was a diagnostic test then a biopsy scheduled for next Friday. The following Friday I go in to see a pain specialist for ruptured disks in my back as well as bone spurs on my tailbone.

Depression fills in the gaps when I'm not being poked, prodded, or smashed in some machine.  ...continue reading "Artist Thoughts: To Be Continued"

Seeing the Lines
I'd like to learn to paint birds and I'd like to learn to paint more abstract pieces such as expressionism, contemporary and modern abstract. I really, really want to do abstract. I recently purchased an art pad that I intend to dedicate to this abstract journey of mine. When I paint an object such as birds, flowers, what have you, I need a photo reference in front of me so that I can see the lines. A long time ago I didn't paint sunflowers because I couldn't 'see' it in my head. I couldn't see the lines of the petals.

I found a website that showed step by step how to paint a sunflower. It was some sort of site where the artist painted with the mouse and then the program showed viewers step by step how the artist painted the piece. That is how I learned to 'see' the lines of what I wanted to paint. Wish I could remember that link.

I think I may need to get a cheap book of various birds and flowers. Once I can 'see' it I can alter it according to the theme of an individual painting, but I've got to learn the lines first.

Abstract Freedom of Expression
...continue reading "Artist Thoughts: Seeing and an Abstract Journey"

Inner Swim

The young girl sits with her legs crossed by a large koi. One finger touches the water, the other hand lays on her bronze and copper painted pants. Sand has been added to the pants as a symbol of stone. Beautiful, bright pink flowers grow in the garden. Her shirt is shredded fabric, linen pieces. The water wall behind her begins to take her in.

Art Title: Inner Swim
Art by: Faith Magdalene Austin
Medium: Acrylic, Gel, Sand
Size: 11 × 14 inches on heavy board

What the Crows Left Behind fma

'What the Crows Left Behind" is a surreal scene of empty bodies holding their hands up to the wide spread wings of the largest crow. The sky is a river of color boldly contradicting the color next to it. While some of the bodies are beginning to shape shift and morph into crows, others remain empty.
Feathers encircle a figure in all black, some have the beginnings of white feathers, others black. ...continue reading "What the Crows Left Behind"

Sheh is the Wind fmaShe is the Wind' is primarily a finger painting. The blue hair and the hills as well as the larger parts of the tree were created with my fingers. Details were added with other tools.

The large figure is searching for a part of herself that is missing. She and the warrior that blows in her blue hair, into a white sky, will search and bring her home. Behind the white tree she sees her, weary, cold, wrapped in hills of colors under a burning sky. She has found her. ...continue reading "She is the Wind"

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