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150619_223529What a strange night. I was talking in my sleep. I remember thinking to myself, Faith, you're sleeping, be quiet. But at one point I just gave in and kept pointing and yelling at some person in my dream.

I don't usually do trigger warnings because I expect people to only click on a survivor's site if they are in a space to read whatever might pop up. However, this time I must warn you there is strong detail in this dream concerning the sexual abuse and sexual conditioning of a boy by his father. ...continue reading "Dream: A Father’s Creation"



My Face My Art, wearing the illustration Machinery Two

My goal is to do a video of My Face My Art. That can be expected by the end of the month.


Beast of Burden - Balancing Act
Beast of Burden - Balancing Act


Art Title: Balancing Act  SOLD
Art by: Faith Magdalene Austin
Medium: 4 x 7 heavy paper, ink, marker, signed, sealed, mounted ...continue reading "Balancing Act"

She waited fma

Art details:  Orange rays and white beams meet in the red sky. Down the middle grows an old oak tree where two red birds (cardinals) and a raven swirl between the branches above a solid white figure. From the figure extends points of light. Her hands reach up to the branches and grow into them. Two blue figures have fallen from the sky; they've joined the merge as well. ...continue reading "She waited as long as she could"

Ariel knew it was going to rain fmaCaught in the rain, little Ariel walks home without an umbrella. Through thick woods she walks and walks until a tiny sprout pops up right on her head. A few steps more and pop, pop, pop, sprouts appear all the more until finally she becomes part of the scenery.

Art Title: Ariel knew it would rain
Art by: Faith Magdalene Austin
Medium: 4.5 x 7 heavy weight paper, colored pencil, marker, sealed, mounted

Art details: Large eyes, tree bark, bare trees, streams of rain, soaking wet, caught in the rain, red shirt, green leaves.  ...continue reading "Ariel knew it would rain"

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