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I wondered if there would be a difference in how Mary Jane looked after she had her fangs removed and a few other teeth. She does have a look on her face like she's raising one side of her lip at you.

There's no way I could ever look at Mary Jane and see anything but beauty.

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7 extractions. very long day for both of us.
turns out Mary Jane is about 80 years old with no health issues other than her teeth. all her other teeth are in good health. i thought 7 was a lot and apologized saying i didn't know. she said its no one's fault and that they've removed more than regularly. i still felt bad like i'd neglected her or something. no teeth were kept. they kept saying she's so well taken care of. they talked about her coat and eyes and ears and how beautiful she is. i was so happy to know i'm doing right by my girl. 🙂 they asked about her food and when I told them the choices I make for her they said, isn't that expensive? I said, in the long run, no. I eat fresh Salmon and so does she. I eat Tilapia and so does she. I want those Omegas in her and good fiber in her.

JB is coming tomorrow between 1-2 pm but I'm totally not ready. lol. it is what it is. i've got to get some sleep. maybe i can wake early enough to be more presentable.

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My cab driver said the most shallow thing I've ever heard. She said, "If I could ask God for anything, I'd ask him for a big butt." ..... cue the crickets........ I gave no reply. I mean really, what do you say to that? Screw world peace, forget curing cancer, feeding the hungry, releasing the oppressed, give me a bubble butt! Child please, I'm not on enough medication for crap like this.

I will have my guest here Wednesday. It hit me that I'm a bit shy about my humble home. I told Dr. D today that I struggled with having someone come that might expect more. I'm not poor, I'm destitute. I've heard about this poverty line but I think, like Big Foot, it's an urban legend. Has anyone ever seen it? As a child, the mother's income saw us way above it. Despite bouts of homelessness she kept her position, strange, but she did. I almost detest money until I need it. I told Dr. D that my needs are primarily emotional and spiritual. I have very little use for ...things....

This individual will come here and meet me with no pretenses, no complications, just me and the walls that hold the things that make me tick. Eventually I returned to my center and stopped the whole garbage about my home being too humble. Jordan will handle the artist that's visiting us.

Dr. D asked if I still feel suicidal. I said yes. He asked if I am going to act on it. I said no but I'm surprised at the length of time these thoughts have lingered.

Car accident number two in one week. Lesson learned: never ride with someone while they're very, very manic. I actually screamed out, "Oh no, Jehovah, this is going to hurt!" She started laughing. It did hurt and still does. Can I get in a car and not slam into something? When she's not driving recklessly we have a total blast. I really enjoy her company.

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IHummingbird - available'm still working with different types of abstract. I did this while watching a video. I like the loose colors.

I've also been working with my palette knives but I thought it best to work in gesso for texture then add color over it later if desired. I've got a full gallon on gesso which I love working with.

Art Title: Abstract Hummingbird
Art by: Faith Magdalene Austin
Media: Watercolor on 98lb artists paper
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Finish: unsealed, signed on the front and back, unmounted
Style: Abstract, Nature

I've got an art sale going on for the Fang Fund, for Mary Jane's much needed dental work. Use the following code at check out. If you desire to use PayPal instead of Etsy please let me know and I'll create an invoice with the discount. All contact information is on the sidebar.

*** SALE --------- FangFund16 coupon code 35% off --------- SALE ***

Funds needed for her dental work started off at $250. The need is now $159.00. Thank you for your donations and purchases that stay in PayPal until all is raised to meet her need, then I'll stop begging. You can fully expect more intense begging as March draws near. I'm watching my baby in pain and it's difficult. I swear that's not a guilt trip, it's just the truth, I'm watching this girl hurt and there's not a darn thing I can do about it....other than paint and paint is what I'm doing. ...continue reading

I was somewhat angry and agitated about meeting with Dr Yes when it wasn't planned until the last minute. I feared abandonment with shaming. I also thought, I can go in there and talk to them calmly and see what can be done.

I got there. I put on my skirt and blouse, arranged my hair, got on the earrings, grabbed my shoulder bag and arrived on time. When I got there I was told it was a mistake, the automated machine called when it shouldn't have. They said, we do have your script though. I said, I really feel like I need to talk to Dr. Yes about the phone conversation. With four women in the room I said, do any of you know who I spoke to? Who was it that I spoke to extensively about the medication? All of them said it wasn't them. I said, I spoke to someone who was forceful and demeaning. One woman said, "You spoke to Robin." I said, okay. Still calm I explained that she questioned the script, told me I wasn't doing anything for myself and did I expect to take these pills for the rest of my life? I said to the woman at the desk. I'll have this illness for the rest of my life, but the point is, the way that woman spoke to me caused me to want to fire Dr. Yes because I thought that information was coming from him. She said, this isn't new, you need to speak to the office manager. I said, ok. The way I felt that day talking to her isn't the first time I hung up feeling horrible about myself.

Back in the manager's office I sent went through the entire store. The manager then said, "I've had enough of Robin, enough is enough." She explained that its not the first time and that the formal complaint will go in her personnel file.  ...continue reading

Mary Jane needs another extractions. Her other fang needs to come out and other teeth need to be cared for.

One photo shows her with a fang already removed, the second photo is of my old cat on an old chair with an old soft toy and an old blanket.

As forward as it is, I want to say that any art sales from here on will go to the "Fang Fund" which needs $250.00. I will update the monetary need and I will continue to make art available in the following locations.

Need is now $211

*Available Art" galleries here on Sundrip

Etsy www.sundrip.etsy.com.

If you would like to donate even a buck you may send that donation to my PayPal email address at SundripJournals@gmail.com.

(Please do not make purchases from Redbubble as I will not receive funds in time to meet Mary Jane's needs)

When the $250 has been raised through sales and/or donations, I  remove the note for need. $50 of the needed funds is what I currently owe the vet. $200 is for the full dental work and the other extraction.

Mary Jane is 16 years old and in good health, except for her teeth. She is in a lot of pain, pain I didn't realize was there until the emergency vet visit the other day.
Thank you,

This is a nothing entry....something to toss up here so I can stamp time saying I was here.

So we're here, hanging around and its time for a cup of hot chocolate. Snow goes to get the cups and says, "You don't have any hot chocolate. Faith, it's empty."
Me - "What, no, there should be a little bit left.
Snow - "No"
she said admittedly, "It's empty."
I was like, "No! Why? Whyyyy?"

Turns out I had no hot chocolate, twas true. It was empty. There was nothing but a spoon with trace particles of multisyllabic chemicals, synthetic fillers and artificial coloring. The world had dealt its last blow, a sucker punch!

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After we got back from the vet I gave Jane her medication and we both went to bed. She's beside me now purring like she always does only now it's with one less fang.

Dream: I woke from a dream about antique dolls with two faces. Hundreds of antique dolls at various levels of decay burst from the rotted ceiling and created a pile right up to the broken ceiling beams. Most of the dolls were from other countries, some large, some small. An Arabic man pulled at them with a rake to get the rest to come down. As they passed me I looked for any doll that looked like me, a black doll. From the hundreds that fell through the hole in the ceiling, I was able to see, but not keep, a few dolls that looked like me. These divided dolls were filled with sawdust or covered with porcelain. Some appeared to have been quite fine in their day. I woke from there. Mary Jane needed medication.

Here's how it started.
I went to the store Tuesday afternoon then came home to find Mary Jane bleeding from her mouth. Her chest had trails of blood and her paws were very bloody. She was frightened and crying. I was trying my best not to freak out. I called Snow to come help because I wasn't sure what was wrong or what Janie would need. I told Snow, if you can't stand the sight of blood on Jane and you can't stand to hear her cry this way then you will be of no help to me. I need someone stable. Snow manned up and put her superwoman suit on.

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I showed up at the vet's office a total and complete wreck, a wreck! First off, all this happened as I walked in the door from grocery shopping. I needed to sleep that off but I found my baby bleeding. Then I was holding my head looking at her and I started to panic. I thought, I have to come back home with this cat. I can't leave her there. I thought I was going to lose her. I wasn't sure of the extent of her injuries. What I did know is that a tooth was crooked, she was bleeding pretty badly, she started to snort kind of. I thought maybe her tongue got caught on one of her saber-tooth fangs and was torn. I mean, there was a lot of blood...blood all over my heart which happens to be in the form of a 15 lb furry cat. I was losing it. Finally I got myself together and the rest is what I wrote in part one of this. One fang down and antibiotics with a little cleaning up and I brought my girl home.

One last thing, a blogger asked about a mother's love. Today when I saw blood on my baby's mouth and paws my heart screamed. When I had to pick her up and look at her it meant pushing aside my emotions and doing what needed to be done. I examined her, knowing she was afraid. I kept talking to her. I was willing to pay the vet whatever it took to make her pain stop, to see her feeling better and to know I could take her home. My heart went through so many emotions, so many extremes.

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I've updated the Etsy shop with a few new things. I thought I might try digital downloads of tree drawings. Sometimes I see drawings and think, I'd love to paint that. I figure a creative person can take a simple tree drawing, print it on watercolor paper and have some fun for a personal project. Why not? The trees in this entry aren't offered, this is an example of fun one might have with a simple tree drawing. You'll find the trees that are available for instant download in the Etsy shop category Community Grabs and Pay it Forward.

The Community Grab Bag and Pay it Forward section of Etsy
Pay it Forward art is Sundrip quality but is meant as a gift to the buyer. The gift is that Pay it Forward art will be as much as a 3rd less than normal prices. Once you accept the PIF gift you must find a way to make a small difference in the life of another person. Digital downloads will be in this section as well as Experimental art. Experimental art  is art created with techniques I'm trying out for the first time such as art on tiles. They may or may not be something someone wants, but I'll give you the chance to snatch it up. After a time it'll get tossed because I don't want to store it.

I think I might have to purchase a few more tiles. I love doing them. I have to work on photographing these things. I have a cell phone that I'm working with.... and shaky hands. This was taken with me leaning my hands on the desk beside a scarf.

Here is Mary Jane making sure this drawing is up to par. She's been in charge of quality control for years.  That's Bernhardt the Bear behind her sleeping on the job.

Flip flop the firebelly toad isn't employed. As a matter of fact she begs a lot.

I really like crickets
crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside

That's a face only a mother can love. I do, so does her tank mate Steve 'the Beast' Austin.

Pertinent links:  Etsy and Redbubble are where you can purchase art, or you can request a Paypal invoice. See the sidebar for my contact info.