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I've looked around at apartments to see what will be available to me come June. It's not just that my landlord is despicable and thoroughly tests my faith, it's that this place is now well out of my financial abilities. That's too bad bc I would have dealt with the landlord situation.

I'm looking for an apartment with central heat and central air. I don't have that here. One of the things about CRSD and even Lupus is that we have to keep our body temperature pretty even. A window air conditioner doesn't do that nor do base board heaters. It's too cold for me in the living room but too hot for Jane in the bedroom so she's out there most of the time.

I haven't had tea parties this summer as planned bc of pain issues. I've been able to make greeting cards for people but I don't feel as though I've done the type of giving I wish to do. At the moment I'd have an angry self to offer which isn't that great, but I think there's a sense of loss because I've not been able to have the kids over or any families over. That was to be a big part of my summer and fall. ...continue reading "Home. Pets. Health."

When I go on Craigslist and see a cat or dog sitting next to another animal, I wonder how the owner narrowed it down to him being the one who needs to find a new home. Do you flip a coin? Pull names out of a hat? What?

I use to wonder that but now I know.

There is a problem in the Pickle family. I have a dominant male who will not tolerate the other male in the tank. I love Big Steve but he's not docile enough to live with the other two. He has banished Guy Pickle to the corner and takes food right out of Guy's mouth. He'll wait for Guy to catch a cricket then wrestle the poor thing until he lets go of him. So, the decision has been made to rehome Steve "the Beast" Pickle. He is currently in the terrarium by himself with Guy and Flip in a separate terrarium. I don't like the idea of Steve living by himself.

Firebelly toads are beautiful animals that can live a good long life of up to 15 yrs in captivity. They do well in groups and don't take too much care. They're funny. I love their feet and their clumsy way of getting around. I love their eyes and their spots. They're too, too adorable. ...continue reading "Deciding which pet to rehome"


Tonight I got a text from a friend concerning her pet chicken. She made the chicken a new shirt. (cue crickets). Her pet chicken wears clothing? Oh my goodness girl, get a dog and let it go, okay? So anyway, she sent a photo and said, she fell asleep in my lap, isn't she cute?

How do you answer something like that? Isn't my sleeping pet chicken who is wearing a new shirt, cute? No, no it's not. As a matter of fact, the angle which she shot the photo was questionable. What's wrong with you? What type of extreme boredom do you have to experience to come up with tailor made shirts for your chicken?

...continue reading "Cradling a Sleeping Chicken"

I've rested a bit. I've done some reading and spent time with friends. I've managed a few sketches in my notebook and decided to snap a few shots 🙂

Half of Whole

These are two page sketchbook drawing using watercolor and colored pencil. Both have a lot of color but the one just below in grayscale was created with rich earth tones.

Hue Rich Depleted

This is the sketch at the opening of the entry with a PicsArt filter.

Half of Whole Reversed

Though yesterday was physically painful, it wasn't anywhere close to the emotional and physical pain of Monday. Today continues to be quiet. I intend to do very light housekeeping and to study a little bit for a meeting on Wednesday.

A small dinner is in the convection oven that automatically turns itself off. I'm having a pork chop and green beans with potatoes. I also have a tiny little dessert made primarily of ladyfingers, heavy whipping cream, a tad bit of cocoa and amaretto.

...continue reading "Art and Laying Around"


I didn't think about much at all. I just did the things I love. It was a much needed day of solitude, a mini mental vacation.

She is a shining star, this furry one.

She melts my heart when she does the slow blink.

Mary Jane is an integral part of the process of slowing down to smell the flowers.

weeds? i'm good with that. I've been working on my terrariums, adding this, removing that as well as letting them be.

I was told these are weeds. I don't know. What I do know is there are plenty in the yard of an abandoned, boarded up house and that they have done well in various terrarium set ups. A month or so ago I walked 8 blocks round trip to get these bad boys!  ...continue reading "A day of solitude with the things I love"

I wondered if there would be a difference in how Mary Jane looked after she had her fangs removed and a few other teeth. She does have a look on her face like she's raising one side of her lip at you.

There's no way I could ever look at Mary Jane and see anything but beauty.

...continue reading "Physical Changes after Surgery"

7 extractions. very long day for both of us.
turns out Mary Jane is about 80 years old with no health issues other than her teeth. all her other teeth are in good health. i thought 7 was a lot and apologized saying i didn't know. she said its no one's fault and that they've removed more than regularly. i still felt bad like i'd neglected her or something. no teeth were kept. they kept saying she's so well taken care of. they talked about her coat and eyes and ears and how beautiful she is. i was so happy to know i'm doing right by my girl. 🙂 they asked about her food and when I told them the choices I make for her they said, isn't that expensive? I said, in the long run, no. I eat fresh Salmon and so does she. I eat Tilapia and so does she. I want those Omegas in her and good fiber in her.

JB is coming tomorrow between 1-2 pm but I'm totally not ready. lol. it is what it is. i've got to get some sleep. maybe i can wake early enough to be more presentable.

...continue reading "Jane and dental work"

My cab driver said the most shallow thing I've ever heard. She said, "If I could ask God for anything, I'd ask him for a big butt." ..... cue the crickets........ I gave no reply. I mean really, what do you say to that? Screw world peace, forget curing cancer, feeding the hungry, releasing the oppressed, give me a bubble butt! Child please, I'm not on enough medication for crap like this.

I will have my guest here Wednesday. It hit me that I'm a bit shy about my humble home. I told Dr. D today that I struggled with having someone come that might expect more. I'm not poor, I'm destitute. I've heard about this poverty line but I think, like Big Foot, it's an urban legend. Has anyone ever seen it? As a child, the mother's income saw us way above it. Despite bouts of homelessness she kept her position, strange, but she did. I almost detest money until I need it. I told Dr. D that my needs are primarily emotional and spiritual. I have very little use for ...things....

This individual will come here and meet me with no pretenses, no complications, just me and the walls that hold the things that make me tick. Eventually I returned to my center and stopped the whole garbage about my home being too humble. Jordan will handle the artist that's visiting us.

Dr. D asked if I still feel suicidal. I said yes. He asked if I am going to act on it. I said no but I'm surprised at the length of time these thoughts have lingered.

Car accident number two in one week. Lesson learned: never ride with someone while they're very, very manic. I actually screamed out, "Oh no, Jehovah, this is going to hurt!" She started laughing. It did hurt and still does. Can I get in a car and not slam into something? When she's not driving recklessly we have a total blast. I really enjoy her company.

...continue reading "humble home. pizza-giggle. pets"


IHummingbird - available'm still working with different types of abstract. I did this while watching a video. I like the loose colors.

I've also been working with my palette knives but I thought it best to work in gesso for texture then add color over it later if desired. I've got a full gallon on gesso which I love working with.

Art Title: Abstract Hummingbird
Art by: Faith Magdalene Austin
Media: Watercolor on 98lb artists paper
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Finish: unsealed, signed on the front and back, unmounted
Style: Abstract, Nature

I've got an art sale going on for the Fang Fund, for Mary Jane's much needed dental work. Use the following code at check out. If you desire to use PayPal instead of Etsy please let me know and I'll create an invoice with the discount. All contact information is on the sidebar.

*** SALE --------- FangFund16 coupon code 35% off --------- SALE ***

Funds needed for her dental work started off at $250. The need is now $159.00. Thank you for your donations and purchases that stay in PayPal until all is raised to meet her need, then I'll stop begging. You can fully expect more intense begging as March draws near. I'm watching my baby in pain and it's difficult. I swear that's not a guilt trip, it's just the truth, I'm watching this girl hurt and there's not a darn thing I can do about it....other than paint and paint is what I'm doing. ...continue reading "Hummingbird Abstract. Rich. Watercolor."

I was somewhat angry and agitated about meeting with Dr Yes when it wasn't planned until the last minute. I feared abandonment with shaming. I also thought, I can go in there and talk to them calmly and see what can be done.

I got there. I put on my skirt and blouse, arranged my hair, got on the earrings, grabbed my shoulder bag and arrived on time. When I got there I was told it was a mistake, the automated machine called when it shouldn't have. They said, we do have your script though. I said, I really feel like I need to talk to Dr. Yes about the phone conversation. With four women in the room I said, do any of you know who I spoke to? Who was it that I spoke to extensively about the medication? All of them said it wasn't them. I said, I spoke to someone who was forceful and demeaning. One woman said, "You spoke to Robin." I said, okay. Still calm I explained that she questioned the script, told me I wasn't doing anything for myself and did I expect to take these pills for the rest of my life? I said to the woman at the desk. I'll have this illness for the rest of my life, but the point is, the way that woman spoke to me caused me to want to fire Dr. Yes because I thought that information was coming from him. She said, this isn't new, you need to speak to the office manager. I said, ok. The way I felt that day talking to her isn't the first time I hung up feeling horrible about myself.

Back in the manager's office I sent went through the entire store. The manager then said, "I've had enough of Robin, enough is enough." She explained that its not the first time and that the formal complaint will go in her personnel file.  ...continue reading "On Attitude and Using One’s Voice"

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