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A soft white rabbit with a rose colored dress sits beside my very first doll house.

My First Doll House - available

Art Title: "My First Doll House"
Art By: Faith Magdalene Austin
Media: HP ink, acrylic and ink on acrylic paper with small grain
Paper size: 11.5 x 8
Painting size: 5 x 6.25 inches
Finish: signed, unmounted, unsealed
Style: Illustration
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Speak AT Faith Austin

I finished the therapy assignment where I painted the body's experience with Lupus and Fibromyalgia. The painting has been completed for about two weeks or so and is hanging in my living room. When I did it I looked at it and thought, no, this can't be it. However, I did simply allow myself the room to express without expectations. That's how I knew the painting is authentic as an expression of my body's experience, I did not set a guideline for it, I just let it happen.

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I couldn't fit another image in this painting if I tried, and that's the point.
This is a snapshot of PTSD, a quick look inside my head that doesn't stop running. I do like this painting, it's not a negative piece of art, I don't mean that at all. It's just that often my head feels so full because I still haven't figured out how to get out of flight mode.

Passion Flower
Passion Flower

I have no filter so I see and hear everything. I'd rather have a filter so that my mind has more rest and my emotions aren't so intense, however, without one everything flows through me, including beauty.

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Pursuit of Peace fmaI remember when I discovered that someone had the nerve to put their hands on my sister, that she openly discussed PTSD and the need to remove the stigma from mental health care. I was so angry. Someone had the nerve to touch my sister!!!! That started a whole flood of emotions that ended in one small drop of truth. We are all equal in that we are all dust, but when it comes to surviving what isn't normal we are all different. When it comes to surviving what isn't normal, we will take a path that may be vastly different from a person who survived virtually the same trauma. In the midst of surviving the trauma, life itself will have its way with you.

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Sangria "Sangria" stands in my Etsy shop full of surrealism and color. The terracotta tone woman with blue hair thinks nothing of the raven that flew in the door. Why should she, after all, she's got a house inside a house, evergreen trees shaped like arrows and large sunflowers coming from who knows where. The painting is full of life, full of color and texture. And yes, I decided to wear her, too.

I've said it before, but I really wish to drive home the point that when looking at a stranger you can't see on their face what they are going through in their skin. The purpose of putting my art on my face is to be that obvious, to say loud and clear that Lupus and Fibromyalgia can rot from the inside out. Art is one of the major tools I use to manage life with an "invisible illness".

You don't start seeing real signs of illness until the person collapses and finds himself/herself in the hospital with baffled family and friends. She looked okay. She looked "normal" What happened?  Lupus. Fibromyalgia. One of the illnesses listed as "invisible".

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To combine art scribbled in black ink, inked in with deep blue, crimson and yellow can be sobering. To add these art pieces as a collage over the face they affect was to show that Lupus is more than what you read on a blog. It's more than the art itself. It's not pretty. What this collage says for me is: for many, Lupus isn't written so clearly on the face.

Like Girls MFMA

The digital collage is made up of the following art pieces.

In the collage called "Like Girls Do" there is a piece of writing that says in part:

Years of laughter and chit-chat captured in cards and letters with flowers and smiley faces like girls do...... half cursive, half print promises that nothing.... under a cardboard lid with edges worn and weary of holding our secrets, the last..... "

While the original art pieces are available in my Etsy shop or via PayPal, the collage is not for use or sale. But, don't worry, I'm getting there. The writing is on the back of work in progress.


Please respect the copyright and Please respect the art's wishes.

il_570xN.822739748_622vI'm trying to describe an art piece that is currently untitled. When I look at the piece I see Sundrip "signatures" such as edge to edge figures and a massive amount of detail and color. With signatures in place, does this art differ from the other work I've done? First and foremost, I know I created this work with the same purpose as most others; art is my one of my main coping skills.

Although there are numerous faceless figures, they all appear to be interacting peacefully. At least two groups are intimately engaged. To the left of the central figure, there's a couple that appear to be dancing. To the far right there is a couple embracing as they look over their child who is reaching up to them. In every scene there is movement free of disparity and emotional struggle. Despite the Sundrip signature, this piece stands out as different than the others. ...continue reading

She waited fma

Art details:  Orange rays and white beams meet in the red sky. Down the middle grows an old oak tree where two red birds (cardinals) and a raven swirl between the branches above a solid white figure. From the figure extends points of light. Her hands reach up to the branches and grow into them. Two blue figures have fallen from the sky; they've joined the merge as well. ...continue reading