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Yay!! I finally was able to refill my lapsang souchong. This seems extra smokey but still good. I prefer Teavana but who on earth has that kind of money? I first came across this tea after someone purchased from Teavana but didn't like it. I inherit teas this way all the time.

A few months ago I received a nice present in the mail called Chamomile Bloom Herbal Tea. That is one beautiful tea. The florals in it are ...beautiful which meant I was going to have to eventually have some more of that stuff. I looked at the ingredients list. I now have them all.

If you understand how to read a recipe or ingredients list then you can duplicate packaged tea. Getting as close as possible or duplicating teas means I don't have to spend a small fortune on this passion of mine. I can mix some up as I go or I can mix a larger amount of herbs and store it as a Sundrip Tea. I'll have to start calling these Sundrip Tea. lol.

A friend purchased a grocery store brand called Berry & Ancient Flowers. It's a green tea by Private Selection. I'm not crazy about blueberry unless its yogurt, but the strong florals make the blueberry tolerable for me. Knowing I may want the tea again, I had to check the ingredients and see if I had everything. I did, with the exception of Calendula which appears to be helpful in several ways. I noticed that Calendula has warnings for people on sedatives, high blood pressure medication and those with diabetes.

Even though I've got a knowledgeable individual guiding me, I still make mistakes with homeopathy. The difficulty is one brought up when I was in Culinary School. There is a severe lack of standards and regulations, and people tend to forget that these flowers are medicine. Done correctly, homeopathy has done me a world of good, especially for my situation. But, mistakes in dosing or conflicts with pharmaceuticals can cause serious and other times humorous side effects. This is my segue to a part I'll call, "How to know if you've taken too much turmeric tincture" aka "Good Lord I can't stop throwing up my internal organs."

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Sundrip Tea SpotI have so very little lap sang souchong and probably won't have more any time soon. I love that stuff. I've used it on special occasions and with people who didn't know what they were getting into. I only gave them a little though cause I didn't want it wasted.

It's been over a month since I've had a good, formal tea party. I don't know when I'll have another but when I do I'll have Yerba Mate. This teas isn't exactly new to me but it's not one I've owned. One of the things I love to do is look up the story behind the tea. I've discovered that most tea has folklore attached to it. There are so many to read with this one and I can't wait to get to them.

I've noticed that there are several different areas where this tea is grown so I'm eager to taste those, too. I've always said that when you eat or drink something grown in the earth, you've tasted that part of the world. So far I've tasted the earth of 38 countries and provinces. I intend to add to Uruguay and Argentina to that list, places where mate grows naturally.

I can't get lap sang souchong here in Indiana but I can many other teas. I'm nearly out of my Kenyan tea so I refuse to share that.

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One might say this gift benefits my friends and me because if they're healthy then they can visit, if not they must say far, far away. I don't go as far as to take temperatures, or listen to their lungs or do a culture sample before they enter the apartment, but, I do take one preventative measure that benefits all.

You know how you give your friends a health tip and they agree it works but they never do it? This little gift does most of the work for them. It's easy. I filled a few glass baby food jars with raw honey, a lemon slice and a little bit of distilled water.  It's a pretty little gift jar to put in their fridge that will help their immune system, help break up phlegm and sooth their throat. I called the gift, "Everything but the Whiskey" because once you add a little bit of whiskey to a cup, warm up a bit of honey and lemon then you've got a hot toddy.

The must have in a hot toddy
Raw organic honey and fresh lemon

Optional herbs and spices
fresh ginger, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg

Alcohol options for hot toddy
Whiskey, rum, scotch or brandy

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Tea at My House SOLD
Tea at My House -oil and lace- SOLD

I talk a lot about tea time but not much about all that it involves. The tea time I'm talking about is my private moment not the tea parties or beautiful tea ceremonies I have with friends.

What I call tea time is a specific time during the day when I slow down, catch my breath and throw off the burdens of the day. At that time I don't take phone calls, clean the house or manage major life stuff. My tea time is meant to be a time to recharge.

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We talked about the two incidents with police officers I had during the time that black people were being shot left and right. We talked about how my close friend holds beliefs that are bigoted but that she herself is not a racist. We talked about how these three experiences where race was at the center of the issue have changed my view of the world.

We talked about the history Betty and I share, about her adding extra Downy to my laundry because she knows I like it, about taking me to the doctor, the store and other places all the time. We used to go to lunch together. We giggled like school girls while having tea. This is not a person who is a racist, she's a person with some pretty messed up views that affect me. Our friendship is too valuable to let go of because she has thinking that isn't up to date. She is valuable to me... and yet, the experience does make me even more aware of the skin I wear.

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Tomorrow I'm having company. We're having a light lunch and girl talk. I'd like to be excited about it and perhaps I will be tomorrow as the time grows near. What I want now is to roll over and go back to sleep. To do so would feed my depression. I only intend to feed friends. Although depression has been with me for 3 decades, we are not friends!

A few Londoners I know threw one heck of a tea party about a year ago. She asked that they wear dress hats and gloves. Since she loves to host, she made certain there were all the stereotypical things available, and placed on beautiful display. I've been to a grill they hosted, but I wasn't able to go to the tea party. They're fun people and very hospitable.

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Rose Walk 1Ever have one of those days when you were okay for five minutes but torn up the next? I've had several of those recently. I can't put my finger on one thing, not sure I need to. I just know my head doesn't feel right. I'm trying to help myself, pick myself up a little bit.

Rose Walk 2I had my nightly cry, sketched a little on the painting called Twelve and then decided to brave the stairs and take out the trash. Really, I just needed to be out of here and breathe.

I know I just said this on a blog I first read today. I said we see people walking down the street and they seem more grounded than we are. Well, as I walked around the courtyard I couldn't help but feel grounded. What grounded me? Choice. Having choices, not feeling backed into a wall, not feeling as if I'm at the mercy of life itself. Being outside with no nurse, no friend standing guard, just me, I felt free. The feeling of being stuck, of being in prison washed away quickly....because I let it.  ...continue reading

Bad day. The last day for steroids. Yes, the pain is a lot less body wide but my brain can't handle this high dosage of steroids. Rage is what I feel, rage.

I saw Snow for a moment but I don't know why she was here. She was here for just a minute. She said she'd be back but when she came back I was asleep and she didn't want to wake me.

I'm really sleepy.

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Strawberry Kisses
Strawberry Kisses

After lightly spraying the surface of the paper, I laid on top two bags of Sweet and Spicy Tea. I then added blackberries and blueberries so that they could leave their mark on the surface. I allowed it to dry then added white watercolor paint to the surface. Small details were added such as the single bloom yellow flower and the small metallic dots below the fringe of her white, sketched shawl.

Art Title: Strawberry Kisses
Art by: Faith Magdalene Austin
Medium: Watercolor, Tea, Blackberries, Blueberries,
Size: 6.5 x 4.5
Style: Modern, Whimsical

This sweet girl is currently available.

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I will never purchase tea for $80 a pound which is what Teavana asks for Maharaja® Chai. However, I will use culinary skills and known ingredients to come as close as possible to the over priced tea.

Maharaja® Chai/Samurai Chai Tea Blend

Known Ingredients:
Green maté, cinnamon, oolong tea, green rooibos, ginger pieces, carob pieces, artificial flavoring, candied pineapple pieces (pineapple, sugar), candied papaya pieces (papaya, sugar), chicory root, orange peels, pepper, anise seed, coriander, cloves, cardamom

I have all the ingredients except for artificial flavoring. Here's the thing, not knowing the exact amount of each ingredient isn't an obstacle when the goal is to get as close as possible with a few preference tweaks here and there.

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