Therapy Dolls

Handmade therapy dolls, dolls just for fun….and bears.

I would like to introduce to everyone the doll that started it all, Charlene.  She’s a sweet and special little girl adopted by the inner child of a special friend. Once I made Charlene I realized others might benefit from a therapy doll which might resemble their inner child. This is how Charlene Dolls came to be born, a friend in need became a sewing adventure. Please see the Charlene Doll host page by clicking this link.

NOTE: Custom orders are running three weeks. I only make stuffed dolls in styles seen below. I do not have the ability to create a doll that looks  and feels like a newborn. It is also beyond my creative control to make for you a steampunk or emo doll. I’m really sorry, too, because I’ve been asked several times. It’s just not in my skill set.

To protect the requested privacy of the person on their healing path, some inner child and therapy dolls are not shown in the gallery.

You can see close up views, actual sizes and details of art shown here by visiting my Etsy shop. You do not need an Etsy account to purchase crafts or originals, just a verified PayPal account. 

4 thoughts on “Therapy Dolls

  1. katm


    Mine are on here. I love my dolls. Love them 10000000000000 times over. Like Ella, one of my 7 year old students says “I love you 1099 times!”

  2. F.Magdalene Post author

    lol 🙂
    The first one I did for you is one I’m really proud of. I like her a lot.

  3. lorraine


    i am a therapist, i work with adults and do inner child work.
    i am looking for a doll that feels like a real baby in weight and feel.

    how much do you charge?
    lorraine brill

  4. Beth

    Hi, are you still making the dolls & bears? If so, could you email me some info about prices. I have too many “inner kids” to count lol but they ran across this page and a few are really wanting a doll and a bear. Thanks for any info.

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