Sundrip – where do we go from here?

The art site is going to change a little bit. I’m going to talk openly about the process of the painting and the feelings associated with it. I’m not going to journal issues like I do on my personal blog, but I’m going to be a lot more open about the feelings associated with my paintings.

I was a bit worried about taking the art site to the next level. I worried about posting art that looks crazy, but ya know what? This art site is about healing from PTSD. Post Traumatic Stress disorder can make you feel crazy. It can be confusing and consume you. I use art so I’m not gulped up by the issues associated with trauma. So yes, there may be art that looks a bit ‘mentally ill’, full of chaos or even crazy, but that’s fine. It’s my truth in art.

I will continue to paint what I feel. When I feel joy, I”ll paint it. When I feel excited, comforted, encouraged, discouraged, afraid or crazy, I’ll paint. These painting will be here on this site with a truthful explanation because after all this is Sundrip – Art for life , and life has more than just one emotion. I am no longer afraid to show on Sundrip the darker side of my existence as well as the playful side, the peaceful side and the lost me. So, sit back and get ready for a few changes.

I’ll sometimes post artist thoughts which are small posts about being an artist. I might talk about how hard I am on my brushes or admit that I’m happy my paint is non-toxic because I know I’ve eaten a good amount of it. I paint and eat at the same time and know very well I’ve had a lot of cobalt blue in my system. I metabolize Napa Red quite well. 🙂 So I’ll talk about being an artist and all the fun things that happen while painting. I’ll make artist confessions like how I can’t seem to throw away paint brushes even when they’re no good. I just can’t do it. I’ll confess mental anguish while painting or how hard I am on myself while painting. I’ll talk about confidence in my art as well as insecurities. Sundrip will be a little more wordy, a little more personal than just a list of paintings and where you can purchase them. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I appreciate purchases and hope that the more open explanations won’t scare people away. I hope people will connect instead of call me crazy and move on.

One of the other changes that needs to be made is how I file things in the galleries. I had paintings and originals on their own page but that page is very full right now. I don’t do much digital art anymore so I’m going to take advantage of the galleries already set up and just file originals in the existing galleries according to type. As I said in a different Sundrip News entry, I no longer offer prints from this site. All prints, postcards and canvas prints must be purchased from my Redbubble shop. That company does a superb job so I’ll leave it up to them for prints. My Etsy shop will contain all original artworks such as works on paper, canvas, wood and more. I’ll offer dolls and the occasional sculpture in my Etsy shop. So, prints and such are in the Redbubble shop, all original works are in my Etsy shop. Originals can be purchased there OR via PayPal.

Now it’s time for some thanks.

Thank you very much to all who have supported me and my art through the years. Thank you to the several collectors I have, and to those who find a piece of art that they purchase because it touches them. Thank you. It is the utmost honor to hear your expressions about how the art has personally touched you. Thank you.

SUNDRIP – Art for Life

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