I remember she was resigned to living but not dedicated to it. This Faith had a better attitude about her situation than I have. She was willing to look past the imperfections of others and willing to be wrong if it meant the other person had time to cool down. Though her body was failing quickly she was the strongest she’d ever been.

A year ago I flashed this photo. It’s only been a year.

In that year her heart was stolen. How amazing is that?


That Faith planned on doing what her friends do, hold free personal Bible studies online through applications like Skype.

She was very well aware of what her body was doing but she wasn’t aware of the emotional destruction caused by physical deterioration. That reality hit when the next big change forced itself center stage – a blood clot in the shoulder, close to the neck after an injury.

That giggle machine full of spunk and determination is still within sight. I will continue to close the gap between the Faith Austin of today and the woman with the twinkle in her eyes.

Taking photos each month as well as recording my weight and other key data has proven beneficial in many ways. We were able to determine which medication was causing so much upset by noting one symptom seen after starting a particular treatment. The photos are helpful.

I use a pain data program called Chronic Pain Tracker to help collect important data to be reviewed by my various specialists. Before an appointment, I email a 2 page report to the doctor so he has an idea of positive, negative and neutral changes that took place between appointments.

I’m writing away as if I have nothing to do. At 3:30 I’ve eaten nothing. Not a drop of water has touched this body and nary word of the Bible has been read. I’d rather roll over and pull the covers over my head but that won’t help me close the gap between this depressed me and the woman who embraced purpose.

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3 thoughts on “I remember this woman with a twinkle in her eyes

  1. The 18th I have an appointment with my new specialist. The 29th I see the orthopedic surgeon concerning complications from the rotator cuff injury 3 months ago. The old pain specialist was flat out fired for being herself.

    I’m amazed at the sheer number of doctors who are unable to communicate with the patient. Even greater is the number of
    doctors with personal hang ups like one I know who does like fat people. I disgust that doctor.

  2. I should go in there without a bra then have a wardrobe malfunction. I can see it now, my breast would brush his arm, his eyes would roll back, his body would tremble. He’d fall to the floor in the fetal position. I’d step over him and on the way out say, “sorry dude.”…..

    Or… I could tell him my butt is sore then moon him causing the same mental breakdown.

    I’m sure there are tons of aggressive ways to treat a doc who is clear about his disgust for anyone over 99 pounds.

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