Dolls. Bears. Frogs. Birds

I’m having difficulties with the shoes for the doll I made. I refuse to paint them on because I could see me spilling paint on her little dress. I don’t even know where to get dark blue or black socks. If I did, I’d leave it at that. Soo, that’s the hold up with the doll.

I’d like to make a few more bears as well as a frog or two but it’s not in my best interest. I am unable to manage the emotions of some of the younger personalities who become very agitated, hit themselves, shake their head back and forth violently and rock. What they feel can only be described as oppressive. It’s oppressive for them and for me.

One winter project I’ve been working on is painting flowers and birds. When I learn painting techniques l have to translate them into the language I use on canvas, expressionism.


written12-15-15 / 4:02am EST

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