Old Cat. Less Baggage.

old cat 2
Mary Jane

When I was young my mother used to call me a hippie. “You’re such a hippie,” she’d say, with that giggle she used to do.

When I was young my mother pointed out how different I was from my peers. Concerning my closest associates she said, “You don’t even fit in with them.”

Mom, thanks for taking an interest in helping me find my place in the world. But, I think I can take it from here.

My style of dress, jewelry, hair and all the sum of me is greater than labels and experiences intended to belittle. No amount of snickering, giggling or mocking can change the person I am or the better person I can become. I have many differences, but for the most part I’m like everyone else.

This is my best furry friend Mary Jane who is 14 years old. Also in the photo is the world’s largest aromatherapy bear. There’s so much lavender goodness in him it’s not even funny.

old cat best friend

Mary Jane is sleeping on my second hand $3 Goodwill bag. I love the design and the tassels on both sides. Instead of a snap to close it, the maker used a wooden button. Gotta love it.

My style. My cat.
No labels. Less baggage.


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