How quickly one can lose fellow feeling

Have you ever had a person tell you a “poor me” story and you just didn’t want to hear It’it? Its a legitimate grief and loss,however, I just couldn’t listen to it…. I wanted to get mean with her. I wanted to tell her she’s not the only person in the world that has problems.

The entire time I thought these things, I couldn’t say them. I couldn’t do it. I wanted to slap her. I want tell her to get a grip, get herself together. Get up and shut up!…. yet that cruelty could not be justified. We all have a day when we have met the wrong person at the wrong time. But no matter where we are, there is no satisfaction in causing harm to another person. There’s always plenty of time to stop and think,but there is not enough time in the world to take back hurtful words we’ve said.

Sometimes people forget that they are not the only ones going through difficulties, they seem to think of the only one. I do it too.

The truth is, everyone is going through something that is so huge that it’s as if their mind is going to completely fall in on itself. Everyone believes their problem is so big that its like the dam is going to break and that problem is going to flood everywhere, with no control. Huge. Overwhelming. All consuming. Vortex. Hopeless. It always feels that way and we always feel alone, but we are not.

What we are is human and that makes us short sighted. Please don’t let the human tendency to feel alone in your problems obscure the way to hope. I’m asking you to open your eyes and check your focus.


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