Sunset Dancer by SUNDRIP - 2010
Sunset Dancer by SUNDRIP – 2010

As some know, this body of mine dictates if I will move or lie still. Due to a permanent nerve injury to my right arm, I can be limited in action, including holding a tea cup, a cane, paintbrush and pen. In addition, my eyes are growing dim. Strength in several areas of my upper and lower body have deteriorated. Even so, I have one other activity to discuss in which I participate.

I’ve mentioned my love for yoga but in private settings I’ve spoken more. I love contemporary and lyrical dance. I am my own dancer. I have set music that I do yoga stretches to. From there I began to move free-form. Once I realized I’d tapped into something deep in my bones I began to wear a free flowing skirt. I removed the toe from medical compression stocking and moved about joyfully. What do I enjoy? The feminine movements, turning yoga into a dance and doing so not in sweatpants and workout clothes, but in a flowing skirt with “dancers feet” (black compression hose). Sometimes my hair is down but other times the dreadlocks are in a headdress.

In this video, followed by a comment to the choreographer, you can see this style of contemporary dance and lyrical dance. Because my veins run deep, because I’m emotional, it’s little wonder his voice with this style of dance moves my heart. Of course I don’t dance like her. There’s too much going on with my body to physically glide. But, the entry makes clear that I am a person of emotion. The end of my comment reveals what else I get from being my own kind of dancer.

+Peri Nicole, When I watch the video it’s not just for the singer but the beautiful dancer that compliments the video so naturally that it wouldn’t be the same without her. What I like about this style is how feminine it is. And honestly, I want to move this way (disabled). No one can see me imitate the graceful moves like hers with a body torn by disability. But I can tell you that in my heart I move like her and other dancers that put a stamp on the beauty of being a woman.


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