It’s confirmed.  I’ve managed to have enough to get there for three days, then return. Betty said, “You know I’m going to worry.”  Yup, I do, but, I’m going! I haven’t been able to travel since 2012. I refuse to ever ride down with mom again. Never! OMG! That woman has a PhD in nagging. Oh my gosh! This year I’m riding with Wonka and his wife Blue. They have 10 year old twin boys and a girl about 13 yrs old. I call the twins the dynamic duo.

Again, there will be 7000 people. Dr. D asked a long time ago how I’ll handle the noise. It’s a different kind of noise. It’s not a concert. It’s certainly nothing like going to a super Walmart with 7000 people . For that, I’d call in sick. The person beside me won’t yell Amen. No one will fall in the aisle unless they’re disabled. Jumping around and screaming out doesn’t mix well with PTSD.

Yesterday a friend came down to visit and brought her grandson. He is the most adorable, happy baby ever. I was happy until said slobber bum chewed on my mousy bear. The pic she took of my expression when the ravenous baby began to feed on my bear is too funny! The horror, oh the horror! Lol

On a different subject – I couldn’t figure out for the life of me why the blogs I read were not coming in my inbox. It’s cause a mountain of them were in my spam box. Argh !

I’m on week 2 of the new med. The first week wasn’t that great. Sleep and anxiety were very disruptive. I was waking with panic attacks. Panic attacks are like attacks of pain. No matter what, no matter how, you’ve got to get out of your body! Anyway, anyhow, that feeling has to stop. The anxiety is better. I’ve got passionflower, chamomile, Valerian root and a few other things to assist with pain and anxiety management. Right now the pain on top of each shoulder is rippling like a stone thrown in water. I should get a blood pressure machine for home.

I see Dr D tomorrow followed by the pdoc. I’m going to try to sleep.


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