So there I was, in the dining room by the tea stop, setting up a 10 year old pair computer speakers with great sound. This is new, to set up a “sound system”.  I usually require a lot of silence, but in this state of depression it’s best to focus on external things so as not to get sucked under. So I set up this little sound system that will let me attach an MP3 player and hear the piano and acoustic guitar music cause these tunes clam me like nothing else. I had thought that I’d play one of my best Yamaha portable piano, but as fate had something else planned for me, so I had to choose the MP3. Just as I relished in my accomplishment, I accidentally knocked over a brass candle holder. As I tried to catch it, I knocked over my tea pot which broke into 3 pieces.

It was surreal. It was a slow motion thing where you say with fear in your voice, “Oh, please….. no!!

I can’t believe how much tea has become a security blanket for me. I can go over board with it by asking friends if they’d like to visit the tea of Vietnam or shall we just go to Kenya? lol I play at arrogance and sigh as I rattle off Burma, a region in India or tea from the grocery store down the street. lol

I have a Mason jar with tea in it. I like watching the leaves unfold, the fruit swell with flavor and the spices helping turn the tea to a perfect deep mahogany. Watching peppercorns, whole cloves, cinnamon chips and carob meld is just too beautiful for words. To share the tea with someone is even better, but I’m just fine taking tea alone.

For the moment, tea is being made in a Ball Mason jar, but I’ll have to replace what was lost. Yup, I’ll buy glass again and maybe I’ll have it up to 5 years before breaking it. I’ll buy another.

Tea has become a security blanket, watching the flavors meld is a bonus.

I’m going to the store Friday. There are some beautiful things on Etsy but I want to stick with glass. I want the bonus of watching leaves unfold.


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