Green. Growing. Vining. Purring.

Have you ever had the feeling you were going to break into tears at any moment? I was talking to Betty about going to the store and the whole time I was trying not to cry.

I can’t remember Dr D’s face. I remember his shoes because I always look down at the floor. But I look at him enough that I should be able to see him. There’s like this haze between me and others. I can tell you in detail what’s in his office but I can’t see his face. It’s like when I was younger, I focused on the details of the room in order to manage what was going on.

I know it’s not spring but I’m ready for it. I want plants!! I miss the greenery. It was necessary to cut back. Somewhere down the road it may be needed again, but right now I need growing things, green vines. I have to get my girl some greens this year. I’d been growing for her and she’d eat it with fewer hairballs as a result.

I look forward to fresh flowers (some call them weeds) found on my walks. I look forward to walking and walking and a little more walking. I look at the root systems on the trees and the design of bark. Funny, I barely notice the leaves.

I’m in desperate need of a recliner for the living room. It’s been 3 years now with a broken down second hand something. When I get one I want it to be my spot, the claimed chair! lol it’ll be my reading spot. Super cat Mary Jane and I will settle in the chair and visit whatever land our reading takes us. Of course there will be tea, there’s always tea.

I have to go get an MRI on the 10th. Somewhere in this month I’ve got to fit in 2 other docs. Every day I will remind myself of what I have an appreciation despite medical issues. Right now I’m loving this blue heated blanket and the 15 year old cat resting on my hip sounding her ever loyal purr.



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