UPDATE : Too bitter cold, not going. Books and hot chocolate are part of today’s plans.

Tomorrow will start with therapy and end with an MRI. The rotatory cuff injury from six months ago still hasn’t healed.

Prep for tomorrow starts today.

  • Whatever I’m going to eat has to be made tonight.
  • Whatever clothing I’m going to wear has to be chosen and sitting out.
  • My go bag needs to be ready to pick up and walk out.
  • My phone needs to be fully charged.
  • I need tea and I need my no spill on the go tea mug.
  • The heating and small pillow should be fitted tonight to the brace.
  • Brace should be on the hanger.
  • My shower has to be tonight.
  • I’ll have to put on my compression socks before I go to bed so that I don’t need to try to wrestle with them.
  • All jewelry has to come off.

The MRI appointment has a plus side. It’s at MY hospital, the one where they always offer free muffins and Starbucks coffee to families. They have sitting areas for families instead of just one large, cold, hospital room. There are live plant arrangements and artwork on the walls. There’s carpet. Yup, the hospital hallways, family waiting areas and office waiting areas are carpeted. No huge, loud television to annoy me. Nope, just a nice area and visual experience.

Dont laughGetting and MRI is the perfect excuse not to wear a bra all day long.  Actually, the girls are used to freedom. I’m homebound for the most part. Only in public are they restrained from hurting others. I don’t want to be the cause of an accidental boob smack. If I turned too fast I could knock a grown man out! I suppose there’s always a plus side to being homebound. No bra at home but outside, I give my contribution to public safety by wearing a bra.

Everyone must do their part.


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