The Common Sense of Tea

My desire is to switch all my containers to ones that lay on their side with the labels showing. I’m going to need a much larger rack, too.

I’ve been experimenting and mixing a little this with that. Most have been good but some I’d rather not mention. Nasty. A waste of quality tea. 

I’ve found the best pain relief tea for me is a version of golden milk. I use fresh white turmeric, fresh ginger, Ceylon cinnamon, a few black peppercorns and an apple. If I add milk I use Almond milk. I prefer it without milk.

As with others who have tried this tea, it eases pain in a reasonable amount of time.

What are the risks or side effects of this tea? They can be significant depending on a person’s health issues, about and strength of medication as well as the frequency and amount of medicinal tea used. Those with diabetes, IBS, stomach ulcers or chronic GERD should speak with a medical doctor before using medicinal teas. Turmeric used medicinally changes how some medications are metabolized. Metabalization of medications for depression or even a light muscle relaxer can be altered. Mood stabilizers and this tea should be cleared by a medical professional. Blood thinners or asprin can be effected. The variables can be wide concerning person safety. 

Way, way back when people used roots and weeds to help medical issues, they did so free of a house with at least one family member tied to heavy pharmaceutical drugs. It’s important to state that because nontraditional medicine now lives with modern medicine, and sometimes they clash. 

What is the upside of using this tea wisely? Teas like this are not a bandaid. They don’t mask symptoms. While they are far from a cure, it’s safe to say you add to your health all without the need for a second tea to manage the side effects of the first. You will not have an addiction to golden milk.

When using roots, spices and teas remember that if you’re using it to stop, speed up, level out or clean out then you are safest doing so with a medical professional familiar with your history.

Sip safely….. or…… drink Lipton


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