Throwing Nutritional Caution to the Wind

I like juicing. I’ve got fresh Kale waiting for an apple and fresh ginger. I naturally lean toward vegetarianism and I enjoy exercising – you know, the gym, yoga, hiking, stuff like that. Even though I’ve not been to the gym in years, I would if my PTSD allowed it. Would l? Hmm, I don’t know.

A few years ago I started to upgrade my food choices. I did another upgrade which has been very beneficial. I’ve stuck with these life upgrades until the last few days when every nutritional caution has been abandoned, denied and stomped flat.

If I have one more bag of chips I may totally undue the 20 years of vegetarianism that has given me a boost to deal with my current health situation. By all rights, I should be diabetic. Both grandparents on my mother’s side, my mother, my aunts, nearly everyone has it except my sister and me. You know what she and I have in common? Food choices that have helped hold back, at least for a little while, type 2 diabetes. Her way of managing is different than mine, but at least she’s not sitting back letting things happen as they will.

My sister and I have an autoimmune disorder. The same leg has defects. We share a birth mark. We’re not twins. My twin would never listen to country music. 🙂


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