The last thing I want to do is lay in bed struggling with the weather and pain levels. I am grateful that I don’t have to. My pdoc (psychiatrist) gave me something to help knock me out for a bit. I’ve used it 2x in 3 months with last night being one of those nights. I’m about to make it a third.

I slept like a rock last night. After I take it I’ve got about 20 min to get in bed or I may sleep on the floor in the kitchen or in the living room with my head wedged between the sofa and the table. I could fall asleep on the throne and then land on the floor. It’s best if I get everything in order, turned off or on, then put myself under the covers.

I’ll be out no less than 6 hours. When my pain level starts to inch to a 9, it’s time to knock myself out. My left side is eating at me something terrible and it hurts for the cat to touch me. My tailbone is acting crazy. It’s time to go to sleep while this weather system moves in.


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