When I went to see the doctor today I went with a plan of action. I decided to talk to his nurse, with whom I’m on good terms, and let her know exactly why I was there. I talked to her, let her give him whatever she retained, then I talked to him.

I went in because 1) I was told by a person from his office he wasn’t going to be comfortable with writing scripts for me despite the fact that none of them are narcotics. 2) She insisted I had not called in updates when I know very well I did. She was so insistent and forceful that I finally told her, no, I don’t know who I talked to when I called and no, I didn’t write down the date. I didn’t realize I’d have this inquisition. I said, I don’t even know your name! She said, I told you when I answered the phone. She repeated it, but that’s not the name I was calling her. Ya cow! 3) She then went on to say that my general practitioner wouldn’t feel comfortable writing my scripts and that I’d need to go to a pain specialist. 4) I discovered I had a script at the pharmacy for 5 days worth of muscle relaxers. …….I was so mad because it appeared that what she said was true, my GP wasn’t comfortable doing what GP’s do.

After discovering the script I called to get in to see him. I wanted to talk to him about what my needs are and about the last year with pain specialists. I also needed to talk to him about feeling like he ignores me with his back to me and doesn’t say much. I needed to talk to him face to face about how the last pain specialist pulled me off of Percocet 10’s cold turkey. That messed me up pretty bad, but in the long run I’m happy to be off of pain killers. So, long story short, I had a 15 min appointment with a man that looked me in the face, asked questions, smiled and then laughed when I said, “You have NEVER looked me in the eye. Who are you and what have you done with my doctor?” I said, you are laughing, talking to me, you never do this. I said, I’ve interpreted your behavior as you not wanting to be in the room with me. He said, no, not at all. I have a patient with high pain. I couldn’t do anything for you. I was frustrated because there was nothing I could do.

He wasn’t pleased that one of his colleagues called in the script and that he knew nothing at all about it. The woman on the phone who said my GP wouldn’t be comfortable writing my scripts isn’t his nurse, she’s the nurse of the man who wrote my 5 day script. My GP said he was pleased to see that I’d lost 10 pounds. He was pleased to see that a non-narcotic patch gives me 4 out of 7 days where life is tolerable. My GP said he can write the scripts with no problems. My GP gave me the option of nurses and CNA’s returning, which I turned down flat!

When I left I was quiet because I wasn’t sure what just happened in there. I mean he did a total turn around. However, he is willing to write the scripts. I’d like to say things went well but it was confusing, his behavior was confusing. I even thought to myself, his wife must have been great this morning. I said to him, “I’m confused. Am I the one with multiple personality disorder or is that you? Who are you?” He was that different.

I don’t have to think about it for a bit. The next time I see him I’ll hope that whatever made him happy today makes him just as communicable, personable and nice like today.

My doctor is crazy. OMG.

I came home, fed the critters and waited for Snow to come. She wasn’t feeling well so she stayed home. I did some juicing.


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2 thoughts on “From the Horses Mouth

  1. Unfortunately, people can have a way of being different each time. It’s not something I’ve ever gotten used to. Still, I am pleased that your doctor was at least attentive on this occasion! Small wins, am I right? 🙂

    1. Yes, people behave differently at times, however, he has consistently been distant and rather cold. For the last year his behavior has behavior said to me, I don’t want to be in the room with you. To be cordial, engaging and communicative once in a year doesn’t equal a positive experience. Not for me it doesn’t. It was confusing.

      I’m happy he’s going to write the scripts. I’m happy I don’t have to go doctor hopping. I see that as positive. His one time niceness is confusing. We’ll see what happens when I need refills.

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