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When the Wealthy Buy Art

Oh boy am I about to take some risks right now. This wasn't planned but it's a little irritation that has been around for a while, and I've just been given a reason to vent.

(steps on soapbox)

Alright, so I've recently revived my Flickr account because I'm trying multiple angles to make art sales. My sales are all but at a stand still. So, I'm looking at other art, connecting with people, ya know, networking. Well, I saw a piece of minimalist art that I liked so I clicked on it. What I didn't expect to see was that the artist was rather bitter about "rich people" buying "nothing" art. He figured he'd cash in on it. So this piece that was raw and simple that drew me to his page ended up seeming so distasteful that I could no longer appreciate it.

The artist said he priced junk art created with used media on paper for  $3000 so some "rich" person would buy it because that's what they do. Okay, I've got a problem with that, a real problem with that. First, I've seen art that isn't my type of art priced at levels I found unreasonable. An artist will choose pricing based on many factors, just because I don't appreciate and can't afford their art it doesn't mean others are of the same mind set and economic status. Honestly, I've threatened to put up half hearted artwork so it might sell because I saw art that really seemed kinda "out there" selling, but I wasn't selling a thing. I've not done it, nor will I.

Artists get frustrated and say things like I've said. In groups for artists there has been extreme judgement for one another's work.  However, those sometimes harsh words about a given art piece hardly ever went unanswered but they also never saw the light of day because the groups were closed for members only. Despite disagreements or agreements on value and quality, those conversations were not in open forum and no one bashed the purchaser. A private opinion and openly making disparaging remarks is a different animal.

The art piece where the artist trashed "rich" people may not realize how bad he sounded or that he maligned his artwork. I was drawn to his page because something about that particular  art piece was so simple and so raw that it drew me in. What a  let down when he discredited his own work and stereotyped the "rich". I asked the question, which is worse? You by admission sell inferior art with the "rich" in mind or, the "rich" connect to your art and pay the inflated price?

I have been on Etsy and seen some stuff sell and thought, you're kidding me right? Are you serious? I've seen some crafts on Etsy that I thought should never have seen the light of day and the person should have been charged with a crime for making it.  But then I added clay body parts to my shop and made fun of those because they're the head, feet and hands of a doll I'm not going to finish. It's odd to see these body parts in my shop. Now, can people honestly say they like every painting I've ever created? Surely someone has looked at a piece of my work and thought, Faith has lost her mind, what... is...that?  or ....Crickey, Faith is off her medication again.....

Tastes differ and quality is relative, but you are never justified when using a specific group to your advantage then bash them for it. That's called adding insult to injury.

Every good business has a business plan. My business is slow, but I have a business plan. What I don't have is the best of health to get my product and name out there. When it is out there, I want it to stand solid. I want it reputable. I do not agree that money is wasted by the "rich" who live these care free lives.... That's laughable and it's absurd. It's a Hollywood built idea and its wrong. These people we hear about buying planes with bail out money or the guy who said he can't live off of 10 million dollars a year are not the average wealthy individuals who go to Etsy to purchase art. I mean seriously you guys.

We know from the news that vast amounts of money is spend on things "we" call a waste. Why do we call it that? Because we don't have it to waste and what's now commonly called the 1% got it by dishonest gain. But when speaking of the wealthy we must be able to separate them from the bank CEO's and lending companies that destabilized the world's economy and still came out in the one percent. Do not for a second believe that those in the upper middle class or those who are very wealthy lack fellow feeling. To do so is equal to accusing all those in poverty of being under educated, more likely to commit a crime, and desire a hand out. Hollywood and agenda related so-called statistics tell that lie, too.

Ask yourself, when was the last time a statistic was in your favor? They generally put people in a bad light, not a good one and they keep communities divided. Most statistics are used in a negative way with an agenda. They do not make positive change or bring about extra funds in areas of need.  They are always negative and they divide. I've had enough of blanketing people by race, education and economic status. I've had enough.

(steps off soapbox)


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