I was on Crumble Cult for a good long time one day and had several belly laughs. It’s just good comics, but one in particular piece reminded me of the train set that belonged to my grandfather.

The Crumble Cult creation by Tony Single is called Orange Blossom Special. It shows two lovers play fighting over orange and pumpkin scones straight out of the oven. The two have an electric train on the ground in front of them and everything is right in the world. I love that comic.

Here I am smiling away because I remember being in the basement with this pristine train set moving slowly around an extensive track, through a cave, around a bend of trees and miniature light posts and miniature stop signs. I remember getting so close to the train I could see the blank look on the little engineer’s face. No touching though. Grandfather was close to us, checking every this and that and watching his masterpiece run perfectly.

The make up of this simple memory includes my grandfather, all of 5 feet tall, saying hardly anything as we watched an awesome and very detailed electric train maneuver tracks. In the back drop was a fireplace throwing off a soft glow from one side of the room. On the other side was a large Spanish matador masterfully needle crafted on black velvet. And then there was me, close to the table but never touching it. Years later those silent moments fall peacefully on my heart.


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