Pursuit of Peace fmaI remember when I discovered that someone had the nerve to put their hands on my sister, that she openly discussed PTSD and the need to remove the stigma from mental health care. I was so angry. Someone had the nerve to touch my sister!!!! That started a whole flood of emotions that ended in one small drop of truth. We are all equal in that we are all dust, but when it comes to surviving what isn’t normal we are all different. When it comes to surviving what isn’t normal, we will take a path that may be vastly different from a person who survived virtually the same trauma. In the midst of surviving the trauma, life itself will have its way with you.

I keep shaking my head…. I’m boggled by how complex the mind is, and how lost a person can become having survived evil.

Pursuit of Peace d2She Knows the Way HomeMy sister is only human. Yes, she was cruel to me as a child. She was sneaky and good at it. With that, she was a victim of the same abuses I was.

It took me awhile to realize that we were both on a collision course and my mother owned the road. We drove different cars on that course, went different speeds, but my mother owned the road.

Here we are adults, one of us left 20 years ago while the other recently discovered life outside a cocoon of manipulation and shame. We both have to heal according to our own strengths; but never should we compare the path taken to survive what was not normal.

I love and hate my sister. I am proud of her accomplishments and ashamed of her behavior. She is beautiful and ugly, strong and fragile. She’s human.

Art Title: She Knows the Way Home
Medium: Acrylic, ink, gesso, acrylic finish
Size: Size: 6.5 x 4.5

Art Title: The Pursuit of Peace
Medium: Acrylic and ink on watercolor paper
Size: 4.5 x 5.5

Art by: Faith Magdalene Austin

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    1. At some point I will do a book of my art. It’s on the front burner. I think you should put your work in a book, even if it’s just for you and your family.

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