My ears are ringing as though a thousand cicadas cling to my brain. The only other time cicadas were deafening was during the night in Tyler, Texas.

I’m worried about how often my pain is out of control. I know this body is resistant to treatment. I hoped for longer with this treatment.
updated:I hope the changing weather is to blame for most of this. I can’t believe how many times I’ve had to take my “lights out” medication so as not to feel that 9 or 10 pain level. I don’t wake feeling like I have a hang over. I wake no less than 6 hours later. I can’t do it more than once a day though so I have to decide when the right time is to take it.

I’m down for the count. I had to put the Etsy shop on vacation. It’ll open as soon as possible.
updated: There is a short period of time where shipments will be delayed. If you choose to place an order after Feb 25th your shipping date will be March 5th. Thank you for your understanding.
Live free
Create well

I have a new general practitioner.
update: Last weekend I had to go to the hospital. I was then advised to go to my doctor’s office where I’d see his colleague. His colleague was so nice and sweet and caring. He even called Monday to check on me. I asked if it is possible to see him. The answer is no. I can’t change doctor’s in the same office in that practice. What’s interesting is that my own GP said he didn’t even know anything about the situation, just that I had been in the hospital. Once again there was rudeness and a total lack of concern. “I’ll see you in six months”. No, no you won’t. Enough is enough!

The fish look beautiful in their tank.

I’m looking for a TENS unit that plugs in so that I don’t need to worry about batteries. I’ve got 3 rechargeable batteries but they don’t seem to hold the charge well. I can use the battery operated ones if I leave but use the plug in unit at home. I’m going to check out eBay.
update: Reality check. Yeah, well, those are out of financial reach. Maybe I should get a new 9 volt charger, or at least a second charger? I saw different size electrodes that looked interesting. These items are within my financial reach.

I’m taking these old bones and my old cat to bed. Electric blanket, here we come.

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