I hate to call you a liar and racist but ….

I have a difficult time trying to find a news source without strong bias. Instead of news reporting I see opinion pieces. Overall, I see a small problem made larger and large problems explained away. I see the tone of the world in media and social media and it’s an angry, callus, biased, fickle tone.

A person who gets arrested can be sure to be judged by the media and social media where guilt and innocence depends on appearance, race and politics. Then you have known habitual criminals supported because they’re attractive. Really? Way to go! Tell me, what is funny about a toddler shooting his mother who advocates guns and so called gun safety? Yes, I see the irony but even more I see the human aspect of it.

There is a complete lack of empathy in the headlines themselves and a total loss of morality by people who comment on the stories. Headlines commonly include unflattering words to describe individuals, pointing out words sure to catch the reader’s eye. People who aren’t attractive enough get eviscerated in headlines and on social media. “You” chew away at human beings like a bunch of piranha with cruelty, bigotry and ignorance as teeth. Handicapped children and children who are dying aren’t even safe from meme’s and the media feeding frenzy. There is no self-control used. There is no censorship in place which has allowed hate fueled meme’s to flourish.

Yup, I said censorship. If you can’t act like you have a conscience then one should be given to you. What type of censorship? I’m talking about the media and mug shots. Photos from media outlets should not be allowed unless the person is a known habitual offender of violent crimes. Is it right to have people across the country and ocean comment on a petty crime in Some Place, USA? Posting these photos doesn’t allow the person to live down a mistake, nor does it allow for an unbiased jury. There are things you don’t have a right to do or say. Not posting small time mug shots would remove a lot of hatred from the net. It would shut up some whose purpose in life is to troll. Notice the media doesn’t do follow up with these people to see if the charges are true or false. No, they move on to the next thing to help angry people stay angry.

When it comes to the media, be it TV, printed paper or the net, there is but one goal, a goal that has nothing to do with the truth. The goal is to get a story and write it in terms that play on the emotions of viewers. Make angry people angrier. Divide communities. Goal accomplished!

One of the most stubborn, self-serving lines drawn is the line set in place by politics. I should not be baffled, but I am, because I see politicians refuse to speak the truth for fear of losing their position. I see a free pass to offend given to one, while others must polish their words. I see time given to a rot because he’s offensive but I don’t see anyone saying, your hate speech isn’t welcome on our network. I know you won’t believe me when I say this but, the politicians on both sides don’t care about you.

I read an article today that said poor whites have a voice now. The author kept saying “poor whites…. we have a voice now”.  The article read like a flyer for the Klan. He made every problem “poor whites” have ever had rest squarely on the shoulders of the government then offered one rescuer for them all. Here’s my question, why did he target poor whites with bigoted comments? Why did the author throw his lot in with poor white’s by saying we? The author of that article is an attorney! Let’s take the poor white people thing and toss that aside. Why? Because it’s not the real issue. The real issue is the belief that the billionaire has given a voice to bigotry, but he is very much mistaken. Bigotry has always had a voice, and a trickle down effect. It is the only trickle down effect that has been proven to work. Once a drop of blood trickles to media waters there’s another guarantee; they’re going to feed, then vomit out your portion. Many will accept that portion willingly.

Truth and morality have been replaced by hatred and division. It’s packaged up real nice like then bought, sold or given free. Why do you keep taking it? 

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One thought on “I hate to call you a liar and racist but ….

  1. I think it’s partly why I don’t watch the news or read newspapers any more. I just can’t stomach the bias and self righteousness that rests on all sides of the fence. I get that everybody has a voice and that they’re free to use it but there are days when I’m glad that I’m physically deaf and can literally switch off my hearing aid as needed.

    A lot of food for thought here.

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