What if I’m fat, ugly and stupid? Pt2

What if all the things I say to myself are true? If I am fat, ugly and stupid, how would having this information change my life?

Should ugly stupid people expect less out of life? Is it ok to smack a less attractive person as opposed to an attractive one?

When I leave the house should I expect people to make fun of my weight, spit on me or cross the street to avoid me for fear my lack of brain power and horrible looks are contagious?

What good are these words I use against myself if I don’t feel others should treat me for who I say I am?
Self inflicted emotional abuse can leave gaping wounds that fester. Predators looking for a victim can smell open wounds a mile away. I do not desire to have one of these characters to set up shop and further destroy my delicate sense of self and dignity.

The first step to heal wounds and shield myself from those who wish to inflict them is to bring emotional abuse of self to a swift end.

That sounds all well and good, but I’ve struggled with this for a long time. I do better sometimes but abandon all reason other times. Keeping this rule, this way of life, in the front of my mind may help control my tendency toward self condemnation.


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2 thoughts on “What if I’m fat, ugly and stupid? Pt2

  1. Some days I’m better at fighting this than others. It can literally come down to how I’m feeling when I first wake as to how the rest of my day will pan out.

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