Her Freedom
Her Freedom

According to the date on the back of this painting, I started this a year ago. One could say I’m a little behind. To tell you the truth, I feel as if I’ve gotten several major things accomplished. There’s still work to be done on the blog, but as for posting art and other matters, I feel as if I’m gaining ground. I updated the entry Passion Flower with close up photos.

Here is a painting that is very hard to name. It’s easy for me to describe but to come up with a final title, I don’t know. The feeling I get when I look at this is one of conflict. I think one girl is off in her own world, dreamy and childlike. The other girl is facing front, at attention. Unlike the younger girl, she does not interact with her environment. The younger girl soaks up everything around her.

Maybe what I’m showing in the painting is that people are complex. We’re more than just one emotion, one experience. We can be front and center and we can be carefree.

We can make the choice to grow, which is easier said than done. Sometimes help is needed so that life doesn’t become stagnant.

A second art piece about trying to regain joy is called Sun Up. This is a two part original drawing. There’s the art and then there’s a poem on the back about how I used to laugh, used to accept beauty and didn’t fight life so hard. It talks about taking back what was only temporarily lost and that is my ability to laugh. This is the painting called “Sun Up.”

Sun Up
Sun Up

Available paintings are listed in their gallery page as well as in my Etsy shop. You may also contact me for arrangements via PayPal.


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