My friend Snow had to put her cat to sleep today. That sucks so bad! I knew she and hubby So-and-so were coming over later, just for a moment, so I put together a nice meal so they wouldn’t have to cook. I didn’t expect them to give me the remaining litter or cans of food for my girl Janie. So-and-so said they wouldn’t be needing it. No, I guess not. Their girl was 19 years old.

I look at Mary Jane and sometimes see a 15 year old cat. Despite her age she’s a star of the show, ham it up, more catnip please kind of girl. Last night she yawelled while beating around her favorite mouse toy. Forget the fact it was dark-thirty and I was trying to sleep. She was steady screaming while killing a stuffed mouse, spiked with quality herb. I don’t believe in cheap herb.

This is the first night that Snow and So will sleep without the interruption of their furry friend. She was with them for 19 of their 22 years of marriage. What a change this will be for them.

Tonight I’ll fall asleep having left out that mouse. As soon as Jane hears me snore, that’s her cue to yowell and play soccer with the stuffed carcass. I’ll yell across the house. It’ll be quiet for 30 seconds then she’s back at it. The ritual ends with Jane beside my head purring.

I hurt for my friends. They’ve sworn off pets. People always do after a death because it hurts so deeply.


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