Here’s the wall of work I wish to complete in a reasonable amount of time.

Sundrip work in progress
Sundrip work in progress

I’ve had to pick and choose which pieces I feel I can focus on. There’s one painting of three girls that’s a priority piece.

The painting where the young woman is waiting for me to give her a hat was created using paper towels used to clean my brushes. I couldn’t throw the towels away. They’re great for decoupage and collage work.

I’m going to skip to the painting called “Untitled”. That painting combines my favorite drip paint technique with wildflowers and peaceful connections. I want this painting simple. I want the motion of the young girls and the motion of the sky to speak, everything else is going to be lightly detailed. They need their skin color managed and the girls need a focal point to which they spread out their arms.

Lets jump on over to Nesting Place 2. This painting was started at least 3 years ago but I’ve not been able to get it right. Admittedly there were times when work on her showed more promise than she has now, but mistakes were made and she had to be reinvented. I’ve not given up on her, nor will I.

And finally, the painting called Lullaby. This piece is the final piece in what I call the Lullaby Collection. As explained in the About section in my Etsy shop, many paintings were created while bedbound waiting for treatment for Lupus. I started calling the paintings the Lullaby Collection. Though most of the paintings have never hit the net, many have. The large work shown in the above mosaic gallery is the last of painting in that collection. It too was created while in bed.

Being able to focus with clear goals set for each day will help the displayed work come to a completion.

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