Monday was the therapy event. Tuesday I went to special evening services. Today, Wednesday was the hospital event followed by picking up a few things at the grocery store. Every Wednesday of this month I’ll be at the hospital that actually shows concern and where I feel relaxed, as much as one can be under the circumstances.

During one test, I fell asleep. Some excessively happy acting guy managed my wheelchair from room to room. When we got to the second coldest part of the hospital, the technicians were playing catch with a nerf football. They looked like a bunch of teenagers who refused to let me play, citing accident and injury laws. Whatever! Lol

I fell asleep on the table.

It’s always helpful when the technicians are cute.

I was with this group a few years ago. It was nice to see faces I recognize.

They gave me a pair of ear plugs to bring home because my neighbors love each other too much. Viagra fueled expressions of love can cause envy and strife between neighbors. Ear plugs create peace.

When I came out of the room with the tech, Betty told me she ate all my peppermint. I said, seriously? She started laughing. I guess the patient isn’t the only person who can playful harass others. However, the patient in the open back gown laughs last.


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