Donald Trump will be in my city doing a rally. I can’t imagine that going well at all. Why would the man I call Nabal, choose a predominantly black area to rally, and do it on a day when I need to be out and about?

Despite living in the opposite direction, I have serious safety concerns. I wear a black vest. I wear a black vest that draws negative attention from police officers and citizens of this state. It is routine that issues with this medical vest arise. This rally may fuel the fire.

About a year ago I stopped wearing my headdresses and scarves because the two together set me up for unwanted trouble. I don’t have many photos of myself wearing one of my 60+ scarves. I have zero with a scarf and the medical vest. The photos at the bottom of the About Me page are no more than 5 years old.

Heritage takes a backseat when hatred abounds.

I thought about rescheduling the appointment but I can’t. What I can do, I suppose, is leave the jacket at home and use both TENS units. Those can be concealed well. I’ll go to the appointment and come right back home.

Individuals of this city have enough to deal with. The presence of Nabal will be a burden for all.

Why I call Donald Trump a modern day Nabal.

Trump fits the bill of the historic Biblical man called Nabal which name means; senseless, stupid. Nabal was unapproachable, unreasonable. He was violent and vile,a bully. With his great wealth, he thought others were beneath him. Nabal was contemptuous and lived only for himself.

Update : 8:09pm 4-19-16 They both laughed and told me I have nothing to worry about, it’s not like he’s going to cause state wide chaos. I was told to take a Valium. When I told Snow not to laugh but give me a reason why my concerns may be “exaggerated”. I know I’m not going to run into him, but I worry about people, individuals being given a reason to be a jerks. She said, he’ll be 25 miles away from you. I said, that is the kind of information I’m looking for. If you think my concerns are unfounded, “exaggerated” then please don’t laugh and call me crazy.
Robert, 19

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3 thoughts on “Updated. Health and heritage take a back seat

  1. He was in my city yesterday. People are strange creatures at times. I’m not sure why anyone believes anything this man says. He puts off a dishonest vibe that is so obvious. And a lot of his past business dealings have elements of dishonesty. He once put his name on & endorsed a pyramid scheme that thousands of people lost big money in. He lied through his teeth and told people this business opportunity was a sure thing…recession proof. He duped a lot of people, just like he’s doing now. God save us from our own ignorance.

  2. For those who say they hate big business, why on earth would they back a known con in business? His business record says he’s failed more than he’s succeeded. He’s proven he knows how to work the bankruptcy laws. He’s proven he will out spend and financially ruin anyone who dares take him to court. And he’s proven he cares only for himself.

    I remember when I was younger he said in an interview that he wants to have his name on every building in the country. I suppose now he will drop that venture for a presidential seat.

    May I ask what the mood was while he was in your city? I’m concerned about the strays with an ax to grind. Be they black or white, I don’t want to be in their midst when Nabal starts kicking up dust.

    Indianapolis has had several shootings this week, none race related, that I’m aware of. People are already weary, upset.

  3. My friend and I were talking about how amazed we are by the openly hateful people. It’s like their leader showed up with the mothership and they began spilling in the streets.

    Maybe they’re still here bc the mothership needs gas. Like the minds of hateful people, the mothership is on E.

    I for one fully support paying for their exodus. Somebody write that “man” a check.

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