The flowering Original Sundrip SOLD
The flowering Original Sundrip SOLD


I realized my comment on your post was soooo long that I thought I’d write the entry then go ahead and link back to you. The entry is called Something Different. It can be found on the blog by HA! called Alley Vision. Please visit her, you will not regret it.

The first time I read the entry Something Different I was angry, as a matter of fact I didn’t finish the entry. I couldn’t see anything beyond the pain I was in. I read it as you being on a preaching tour. I couldn’t see the real words because my pain level was just too high. Now that I CAN SEE the words but they’re a little obscured by grateful tears for your expressions.

I know you get it. I’ve known you for a good long time. Most of all, I know you understand that the US government is willing to make addicts and treat them but they aren’t willing to help ease the physical pain that takes over our entire being. It changes the way we think, the way we deal with others, the way we feel about our future. It changes our attitude that may have once been hopeful to one that is cynical and snappish. It changes you, until it lifts, and then like a dog, we go crawling to our friends with our tail between our legs to apologize for things we said while under the influence of pain (UTI-P). How many times have I crawled to apologize or to clean up a mess while UTI-P? More than I care to count.

It is clear that there is more money in treating to death, than there is curing or truly assisting in a non destructive way. And yes, children are thrown in the fire with the rest of the cashless corpses. And yes, they can justify it because once the mind has been taken over by greed there’s no room for common sense or compassion. In the state of Indiana, they mercilessly ensnare doctors who are open to cannabis treatment and require them to report you if its found in your system. No mercy, no concern. Greed consumes those who host it, the same as pain consumes those with terminal and chronic illnesses.

On a more personal note. Despite my long list of chronic illnesses and being in advanced stages of Lupus, I still refuse to take narcotics on a regular basis. There have been 3 times in the last 4 months where a half of a pain killer was needed to knock me down to a level 8 pain where I can at least think or half way function. It’s pathetic that anyone hopes for relief to come when pain decreases to level eight. Anyway, what I’ve been doing has to be helping because there’s no way with the newest issue, I could live in this body and skin.  So, what I’ve been doing….. Not included in the below list of helpful healthy tools are art and reaching out to others. The paintings included in this entry are pretty strong, but they are very much about the subject. The Flowering is explained on here.

The second part of this long winded comment turned journal entry is called Heather – Greed. Weed. Medical Cache.

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